10 Tips To Improve Your Pre and Post Workout Meals


The best way to maximize the effectiveness of your workout is by eating before and after your workouts. You need to fuel your body, especially when you are trying to build muscle and to help your body repair itself after workouts. Knowing the best tips for pre and post-workout carbs will help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Never Work Out Without Eating

Even when you wake up early to exercise and do not have time to eat breakfast, you should eat a small snack approximately 30 minutes before your workout. Eat something healthy and simple, such as yogurt or fruit. Simple carbs will help increase your energy during your workout and improve your recovery rate.

2. Include Proteins And Carbs Pre-Workout

When possible, eat a larger meal an hour or two before your workout. Your meal should include complex carbs and protein. The reasoning is that it will take longer for you to digest the meal, but you will have access to the energy from that meal when it is time for your workout. Create a simple meal by pairing a carbohydrate, such as brown rice, with a lean protein, such as fish or chicken.

3. Drink Your Carbohydrates

If you are engaging in longer workout, you might need a liquid meal to fuel your body. Consider using chocolate milk or a protein shake that is easy to consume throughout your workout. This will give you a continuous supply of energy throughout your workout session. Only choose liquids that are easy to digest to avoid stomach upset while working out.

4. Energy Post-Workout

The only thing more important than what you eat before a workout is what you eat after your workout is finished. During the first hour or more after you train, your body desperately needs energy to recover and repair itself. Incorporating quality fuel containing carbohydrates and protein after your workout will help you decrease your recovery time, minimize fatigue, and improve how you feel.

5. Protein And Carbs Post-Workout

Aim to eat within 30 minutes after a workout to maximize your workout efficiency. Include both protein and carbohydrates. Chicken and rice would be an ideal option for your post-workout meal. Similar to your pre-workout foods, you can choose a liquid meal replacement, such as a protein shake to ensure you have adequate nutrition.

6. Plan Your Meals

You do not want to wait more than an hour after your workout before eating. To ensure you are eating at the right time, start planning your meals. One way is to make a shake before your workout so it is ready when you are finished. Consider cooking your meals ahead of time and storing them in microwaveable containers for easy transport and reheating. If it takes you a while to return home after your workout, pack your meal in a lunchbox so it is easily accessible. I often cook several post-workout meals at once, pre-portion them, and store them in the fridge.

7. Do Not Be Tempted By Junk Food

You will crave sugary, high-energy foods after your workout. This is because they will give you a quick burst of energy over a short duration. You are not doing yourself a favour if your post-workout meal is candy and soda. Fill up on wholesome protein and carbs after your workout and skip the sweets. This is one of the best reasons to plan your post-workout meals ahead. You can resist temptation easier when your meals are already available.

8. Avoid Overeating

You should not have extra calories in your pre and post-workout meals. These calories should be part of your daily calorie allowance. You will likely want to avoid eating a few large meals and opt for eating several smaller meals throughout the day. Do not use your pre and post-workout needs as a reason to eat more than is necessary.

9. Create Shakes Yourself

When you want to incorporate protein shakes into your nutrition, consider making your own. One way to make a simple protein shake is by combining water, dextrose, and whey protein. There are plenty of recipes online to keep your shakes interesting. It is typically better to mix your own shakes than to consume pre-made ones. When you make your own, you can include specific amounts of protein and do not have to be worried about extra ingredients or chemicals you do not need.

10. Include Foods You Like

Your pre and post-workout foods should always include items you enjoy. There is no reason to force yourself to eat something you think is gross. You will feel sick and this will adversely affect your workout. Find foods that are nutritious and delicious. This will make your workout more enjoyable and improve the effectiveness of your workouts.


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