The Power of Raw Food


A raw food diet is basically eating more whole and organic foods, and taking processed foods out of your diet. This means your diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, meat, fish and eggs. Some raw food dieters, though, choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Processed foods only make you feel bloated and irritated, and let’s not forget the fact that they cause cancers and diabetes, among other diseases. On the other hand, eating clean will make you feel good especially when you see the results in your body, and most importantly when you feel lighter inside.

Here are some of the benefits discussed by certified nutritionist Mike Kamo on Nutrition Secrets that you’ll get from the power of raw food:

6 Amazing Health Benefits of the Raw Foods Diet

Have you ever eaten dinner with someone who smothers their wilted veggies in hot cheese or butter? Or orders their food so blackened you hardly think there’s anything left but carcinogens?

When I sit across people like this, I always wonder if there’s even enough nutrients in their food to make it worth their while to ingest.

How overcooked and cheesy does broccoli have to be to make all its nutritional value fly out the window? Read more…

The question is, how do you achieve a raw food diet? It’s not an easy task, especially if you’ve lived most of your life eating highly-tempting, unhealthy foods, so don’t feel bad if you’re still sneaking in to eat some processed chips or the like. It takes time, but you have to stop yourself as much as possible!

Nutritionist Ronnie Landis discussed effective tips to adjust yourself to this new lifestyle on Sun Warrior:

Transitioning into a Raw Food Diet

Making the change to raw, living foods is potentially the single most profound switch in perspective someone can make, dietarily speaking. There is no tool for transformation that can rival the immediate effects a raw, plant-based lifestyle instills upon someone. No audiotape, no seminar, no supplement, no herb, nothing even comes close. I have personally witnessed more lives changed for the better from adopting the basics of this lifestyle than I have in my fifteen-plus years of being involved in the personal development industry. The benefits of applying a high raw plant diet alone are astronomical. Read more…

Once your taste buds get used to whole foods, you won’t even dare eating foods that contain a lot of artificial flavours and harmful chemicals. For instance, soda will taste like pure chemical to you!

Lastly, registered dietitian Matthew Kadey shared a raw food diet plan you can follow on Muscle and Fitness:


While going 100% raw (which means steering clear of any food heated to about 115° or more) can be daunting, you can certainly benefit from including more uncooked foods in your training diet. For starters, loading up on raw fruits and vegetables will flood your body with a larger dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can improve muscle recovery and strength. Most raw veggies are also low in calories and high in fibre, which can be a boon to guys trying to slim down. Read more…

To maximize the benefits you can get from the power of raw food, you need to completely throw away the unhealthy ones from your diet. Once you’re able to do that, your risk for chronic diseases will be much lower, and you will also feel better inside and out. Your energy and mood will also be brighter, and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight.

Whether you choose vegan, vegetarian, omnivore or carnivore, raw food has so many benefits that your body will thank you for.


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