Poor Sleep May Trigger College Weight Gain


Transitioning from high school to college is never easy. If high school requires a lot of school work, college requires about ten times more than that. And this time you can’t even cheat anymore – no more copying from classmates or an easy browse on Google to understand things instantly. College is way complicated than that.

Stress is the reason why most students get a hard time doing school stuff, which in turn results to poor habits. In fact, a new study has shown that poor sleep may trigger college weight gain. Read more in this report by Jan Hoffman on The New York Times:

Poor Sleep May Spur College Weight Gain

As the first semester of the school year reaches the halfway mark, countless college freshmen are becoming aware that their clothes are feeling rather snug. Read more…

Aside from the fact that poor sleep may trigger college weight gain, it can also cause irritability, stress, depression, and even increase your risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the long run. A few studies have even shown that it can lead to more injuries and accidents.

Your brain is exhausted when you’re sleep-deprived, so that may cause you to not function properly throughout the day. You’ll have problems when it comes to concentration, attention, reasoning, alertness and problem solving.

Give yourself enough time to sleep. As said in the article, the recommended time for teenagers is about nine hours and 15 minutes every night. You may also want to limit your daily caffeine intake as it may mess up with your sleeping patterns.

Image Credit: Poor Sleep May Spur College Weight Gain – The New York Times


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