Tips: How To Perform The Landmine Press


T-Nation shares the ultimate guide to executing this exercise. It can be one of the best ways to pump up your strength and conditioning levels. All you need to do is follow the methods outlined in this article.

There are a lot of benefits in performing this exercise. It’s quite easy to learn. Rest assured, you won’t have such a troublesome time. It’s an exercise that engages the muscles in your hips and torso.

The Ultimate Guide to Landmine Presses

As the guy who coined the term “angled barbell training” and produced the first-ever DVD on it in 2011, you can bet your butt that I’m more than qualified to give you the black-belt course on the exercise. Let’s get to it. Read more…

For Breaking Muscle, they’ve given us a background about the landmine exercises that we should try. It appears that most gym-goers aren’t aware of the full use of this equipment. The author is trying to imply that there are still a lot of advantages to discover.

Well, for one, it’s an inexpensive way to perform challenging variations that work the knees and hips. Aside from that, the fatter the grip, the easier it is to add heavy weights.

10 Landmine Exercises You’ve Never Tried – And Should

The main advantages of working with the landmine are the fatter grip, the ease of adding heavier weights (compared to dumbbells), and the ability to hit abnormal angles in standing and kneeling positions. I hate to use the word functional, but after reviewing some of the movements I’ve outlined below, I think you’ll agree it’s appropriate. Read more…

Generation Iron tells us that you can still pump up your pecs using this effective exercise. What if we tell you that you can totally transform your upper body?

If it’s about building your upper body, you should know that you have to pay attention to an important muscle group: your chest.  This is what brings everything together and can define a man’s total physique.

Blow Up Your Pecs With The Landmine Press

The bird chest is certainly a look that most bodybuilders want to avoid. Having a larger back, broad shoulders, shredded abs, and small chest just doesn’t look all that appealing. Your symmetry will look completely off if you can’t bring everything together in an even package. Read more…

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