Optimizing Hydration To Enhance Performance And Survival


Optimizing hydration in fact means more than just getting your full 8 glasses of water a day and there needs to be a good understanding of how your body should be properly making the best out of it.

Optimizing hydration is essential for living

Hydration is important to maintain human survival, as the body is typically made of 60 percent water and the muscles are in fact made up of 80 percent of it.

Water is responsible for helping transport all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the body to sustain and nourish it, but truth be told, water is more than just that.

Water aids in diets

Water had been found to be a very effective for weight loss and diet programs, Studies published in the journal Obesity reveals results of research that having half a liter of water or about 500 milliliters before a meal can increase chances of losing weight when dieting.

It was responsible for making those who drink water feel full prior to the meal and reduced the calories consumed by those who dieted.

Water promotes power production

Studies show that dehydration is responsible for sapping out the energy of athletes during competitions. The researchers also found out that sweating can also cause body-mass loss by as much as 3 percent.

Replenishing spent fluids in the body can actually be enough to jumpstart the body into enhancing energy for extended physical performance over time.

Water boosts metabolism

German researchers shared findings of research that metabolism can be increased by as much as 30 percent for about 30 minutes by just drinking half a liter of water, or about 500 milliliters. This also equates to a total of 25 calories just by drinking water alone.

The researchers claim that you can burn no less than 200 calories a day just by drinking 4 liters of water in a day.

Optimizing hydration can help athletes a lot

Proper hydration, especially for athletes is crucial to enhance performance and maintaining it at a high level.

Another ideal hydration medium is coconut water, which can help provide the body with several nutrients and minerals that can help boost energy-giving nutrients.

Among the key nutritional values that you find in coconut water are the following;


This is a crucial nutrient that promotes good heart rhythm and muscle function.


Just enough amounts of sodium in the body is essential in regulating blood volume, quenches the sensation of thirst, promotes muscle contraction and cardiac rhythm.


Magnesium aids in protein metabolism and helps maintain the electrical charge of the cells to enhance muscle function and regulates calcium to avoid overloading.


This plays an important role in bone health, as well as with the transfer of energy by helping in muscle contraction and control nerve functions.


Plays a crucial role in bone health and muscle contraction.


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