Normal Vitamin D Levels: Is There Really A Need For Supplementation


CTV News reports that doctors are raising alarms concerning vitamin D. It’s not about supplementing more, but rather they explain that there is too much exaggeration connected to the intake of this nutrient. 

Unnecessary tests and pill-popping are common because people do not really understand the actual recommended amount. This eventually led to misinterpretation of blood tests and others thinking that they need more.

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Widely Overestimated, Doctors Warn

Correctly interpreted, less than 6 per cent of Americans ages 1 to 70 are deficient and only 13 per cent are in danger of not getting enough. Read more…

Daily Mail says that recent figures show that medical costs for vitamin D blood tests increased by 8,300 percent within ten years. The ironic thing is, only 6 percent of Americans actually have deficiency.

Experts warn that too much intake of this nutrient may possibly lead to constipation, abnormal heart rhythm and kidney stones. 

Do You Really Need More Vitamin D? Probably Not, Doctors Claim

They warn that blood tests, which cost $40 each, are only recommended for people who may be suffering from bone loss. However, it is the fifth most common test on Medicare. Read more…

Rodney Rafols from iTech Post says that this is an important nutrient. Makes bones stronger, and it has health benefits. However, it appears that amount the body really needs hasn’t been cleared up by nutritionists.

Findings show though that most Americans do not have deficiency and therefore does not require any supplementation. The risk is pretty low for developing health issues related to lack or insufficient intake of the supplement.

Vitamin D Deficiency is Overrated; Is Your Doctor Fooling You?

It is necessary for strong bones. There might also be some other health benefits to it. But how much is actually needed has not been certain, not even among nutritionists. Read more…

It appears that a lot of people are already well-supplemented with this nutrient because they’re getting enough of it from the different foods they eat. Concentrated doses can help but not that necessary.


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