New Coating kills Mosquito Effectively


Numerous researches show that there has been an increase in insecticide resistance in mosquitoes since 1950s. Mosquitoes has been known to carry diseases such as malaria, which is among the leading causes of death around the world. Though there has been an advanced progress in prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases, the development of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes could revert this advancement.

At present, new studies are conducted to counteract the gradual increase of insecticide resistance. In a report done by BBC News, researchers found a way to eliminate hybrid mosquitoes immune to insecticides:

Insecticide coating effective against mosquitoes

A new method of applying insecticide to netting has proved 100% effective against some strains of mosquito, an international study reports.

The electrostatic coating allows the netting to carry much higher doses of insecticide.

In experiments, the coating killed off many more mosquitoes than usual.

Dutch researchers, writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, say this could help control diseases such as malaria.

Insecticide resistance in mosquitoes has become a significant problem in many parts of the world where malaria is endemic.

It is thought that water-based spray insecticides and bed nets, which often contain low levels of insecticide, don’t always kill the mosquitoes, allowing them to develop resistance. Read more…

According to the World Malaria Report 2012, insecticide resistance among Anopheles mosquitoes has been detected in 64 countries around the world. An alarming fact, if this trend continues, then the likelihood of developing new forms of mosquito-borne disease is near reality.

A breakthrough in vector control, this new coating kills insecticide-resistant mosquitoes effectively. Though the study is still ongoing, this method has lots of possibilities that could totally curtail the increasing amount of hybrid mosquitoes and the diseases they bring.

Image credit: Insecticide coating effective against mosquitoes – BBC News



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