Muscle Dysmorphia Now Affects 10% of Gym Going Men


According to a new study, muscle dysmorphia now affects 10 percent of the male population that frequent the gym.

Muscle dysmorphia or popularly known as “megarexia,” “bigorexia,” or “reverse anorexia nervosa” is a psychological disorder and fear of becoming too small. Those who have muscle dysmorphia fear to be percieved as small and weak even if they are actually muscular, strong, and big. Some facts also connect and refer this to the Adonis Complex, making the person preoccupied and bothered about appearance, especially about being muscular.

In a video filmed with Athar Ahmad, he talks to some survivors of bigorexio and those who are still affected by it:

‘Bigorexia’: Muscle dysmorphia ‘now affects one in 10 gym-going men’

Muscle dysmorphia, also known as “bigorexia”, may now be affecting one in 10 men who visit gyms in the UK, according to the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. Read more…

This bizarre disorder muscle dysmorphia now affects and gets into the bones of the gym-going male population. Other stories confirm that there are still cases that are related to bigorexia. It is indeed alarming and saddening that some of these guys do not know where they stand on the fitness grounds.

It is a mental battle that one cannot entirely escape from.

Image Credit: ‘Bigorexia’: Muscle dysmorphia ‘now affects one in 10 gym-going men – BBC News


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