Muscle Building Tire Workout: Intense Ways To Get Fit!


Men’s Fitness shares the tire workout that will absolutely do some wonders to your body. Just a bit of a warning: there will be flipping, hammering, pushing and jumping. If that tires you out, then this one’s not for you. But on the other hand, if that excites you, get cranking!

Every time you hit the gym, there are some moves and even equipment that make you feel like a superhero. Something about rugged gym gear and equipment just makes it even more enticing to work on. Practicing on a tire makes it possible for you to achieve more.

The Workout That Will Crush You

WHEN YOU WORK out, there are certain moves, routines, and pieces of equipment that make you feel invincible, downright rugged, and somewhat on par with Hollywood giants like Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Joe Manganiello. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness discusses these three unique uses for the tractor tire. This one serves as a great conditioning tool. There are two popular moves: tire flip and sledgehammer smash. These are great body movements that require a high metabolic demand.

The simplest of all equipment: cost-effective. There are shops that offer these in affordable prices. Go to your local junk yard and get one.

To jumpstart your routine, check these three exercises that you can incorporate in your daily workout.

3 Unique Uses For The Tractor Tire

Get more mileage out of this working man’s training tool.

The benefits of keeping a nice, big tractor tire in your garage are twofold… Read more…

Live Strong tells us that this training isn’t just about tire flips and hammer slams. This workout lets you do a total-body workout. Try to check tractor tires in your local tire-recycling center. This single piece of equipment is going to be your efficient conditioning tool.

This can even be a substitute for a stability ball, weight bench and free weights. Once you have your tire, start executing these 14 exercises from Amen Iseghohi.

14 Muscle-Building Moves

Once you have your new training tool, check out these 14 muscle-building exercises from Amen Iseghohi, personal trainer and owner of Amenzone Fitness, which focus on functional strength, challenge your muscles in a new way and add variety to your strength-training routine. Read more…

Take a look at this video from Joe Daniels Swing This Kettlebell. This is an Intense [Full Body] Tire Workouts:


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