Busy Mom’s Fat Loss Workouts


Muscle and Strength gives us a jump start with this workout. If you just had a new baby or it’s your New Year’s resolution, this is going to be perfect for you. If you want to get rid of fat and get your original body back, pay close attention to this one!

Team FitMiss athlete Kate Horney gave us these moves to help you out. We know you got a busy lifestyle so she’s got your back here. This is a good way to start since you’ll find a new workout on the schedule everyone and you can simply check your nutrition guidelines.

Fit Mom’s Fat Loss Jump Start Workout

Each day you will find a new workout on the schedule. Just watch the exercise videos for your daily workout. Check out the nutrition guidelines. Modify as you see fit and customize to fit your needs. Read more…

Shape.com says that this is one way you can lose belly fat. They say that it should have to be a difficult challenge. If you’re a new mom, trust us on this one. You might say you’re too tired to move, you don’t want to be away from your baby, or you don’t know where to start. It’s not as though as you thought it would be.

These workouts are specifically designed to make it possible for you to get in shape and get back on track with your body goals. You can lose the belly fat easily and painlessly!

Busy Mom’s Workout Guide: Lose Belly Fat–Fast!

These workouts and nutrition tips make it possible for any mom to get in shape. See below to find everything you need to lose belly fat easily and painlessly. Find out which workouts help you lose belly fat best—and which ones celebrities have done, too! Read more…

Fitness Magazine endorses this toning circuit workout in order to lose baby weight. What’s the best strength and cardio circuit? This one is the greatest. This engages your abs and makes your post-pregnancy waist smaller.

You like being a mother and everything else that has got to do with motherhood. But you’re dying to get rid of the excess fat and you can’t wait to yourself back on the treadmill. However, we’ve got an even better solution for you.

This is the eight-week strength and cardio routine that’s going to rock your body to be flexible, efficient and quick enough.

Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Toning Circuit Workout

Sure, you love being a mom, but you’re more than ready to lose the thicker thighs and sagging belly of pregnancy. To the rescue: Our eight-week strength and cardio circuit routine, developed by fitness expert (and mother of two) Tracey Mallett, creator of the Super Body Bootcamp DVDs. Read more…

CafeMom Studios gives us the basic 30-Minute Cardio workout:


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