How To Master The Battling Ropes


Battling ropes have been gone quite popular nowadays. How you master the battling ropes are actually one thing that takes great effort and intense training. It is a unique tool that catches people’s eyes and they are everywhere — from marketing and advertising collaterals to fitness and fighting films! Yes, it looks like your childhood jumping and skipping rope but it is not only meant for playing games because it is useful for your fitness routines.

Battling ropes are super sized ropes and yes, they are heavy. But it adds resistance and it gives you bigger challenges. Looking for a tool that focuses on your abs, arms, and shoulders? Battling ropes are what you need!

Corey Beasley gives you a guide on how these battle ropes work:

Beginners Guide to Battle Ropes

Battle Rope training has been a pretty hot topic in the fitness world for the last few years. A once unique tool that caught people’s eye, today they are everywhere from Adidas ads to UFC highlight films. My goal in this article to explain the basics, uncover some variables, and show you some of the advanced techniques that we have been using at our gym over the last few years. Read more…

That was still an introduction! Eric Velazquez writes about why mastering the battling ropes can explode your power, maximize your condition, and accelerate your metabolism:

Rope Into Greater Conditioning

You have no doubt seen the clips all over the internet of elite athletes thundering away on conditioning drills with heavy ropes – slamming them in a fury and drowning in a pool of sweat, only to walk away looking stronger and leaner as a result. Battling Ropes were developed by John Brookfield and have since spawned a legion of imitators who have tried to capitalize on the amazing versatility and efficacy of these increasingly ubiquitous body-carving tools. Read more…

Now that you’re introduced on how to use the battle ropes and what benefits you’ll get from it, it’s time to learn from Alexanda Duron about the battle ropes exercises that you should take note of:

20 Epic Battle Ropes Exercises

Chances are, jump ropes have been in your life since the PB&J-and-juice-box days of your childhood. So it’s time to add a new, badass kind of rope to your fitness routine: battle ropes. You’ll usually find them anchored to a wall or sturdy beam or pole, and while they may vary in length (they can be up to 100-feet long), weight, and thickness, all battle ropes serve the same purpose: Providing a killer workout. Read more…

Are you ready to master the battling ropes? One thing to take note of is that they work every muscle group and they allow you to freely move. They can also cater to your fitness level, so it won’t matter if you are a beginner or a master athlete.

Are you ready to get moving? Do say that you are! To have your childhood jumping rope skills take part in your journey towards fitness and better abs is an exciting idea, right?


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