Martial Arts Training Moves That You Can Use In Your Routine


Rogue One’s Felicity Jones was taught by martial arts master Liang Yang. The stuntman put Jones under a trial by workout program in order to create the signature fight scenes.

Though Liang was already in Skyfall and X-Men First: Class, he’s not just an ordinary stunt man. He’s the one behind awesome fight scenes and he has trained a great number of actors for combat.

How To Martial Arts Master Liang Yang Taught Felicity Jones To Kick Ass In ‘Rogue One’

He worked with Daisy Ridley for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (he even acted, playing TR8R, aka the Stormtrooper who calls Finn a ‘Traitor!’ before the two battle) and he trained Felicity Jones for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a prequel in the Star Wars canon, which opened on Friday. Read more… says that these are the best moves to kick some butt. If you want to train like a champ, then you’d better get started with these moves.

Mixed Martial Arts can be a good foundation for learning different fighting disciplines. It’s a solid proof that you can never go wrong in combining diverse combat styles.

It takes a different approach when it comes to strategy and technique. It takes numerous fighting styles into account and turns them into an unpredictable system.

10 Kick-Ass Moves to Train Like a Champion

Contenders can mix and match elements from literally any martial art on Earth, and the result is a tough, intense sport and a kick-ass workout. Read more… says that this is the perfect workout that will enhance your strength and tone your physique. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to take your moves to professionally or you just simply want to learn. By far, this is one of the most intense workouts that you can ever perform.

This is a calorie-torching exercise that will tone every part of your body. Aside from that, just punching and kicking someone really takes it out of you.

This Martial Arts Workout Will Strengthen and Tone Your Entire Body

Here, Equinox instructor and Daily Burn trainer Phoenix Carnevale guides you through a martial arts-inspired workout, designed to strengthen your whole body and get your heart pumping. Read more…

If you want to learn the basics, check this video from Howcast:


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