The Right Food To Buy Without Looking At The Nutrition Label


You’re not sure if you can really trust the label, and if those marketing claims and numbers are indeed true. So here’s your unofficial guide to buying healthy food:

Cynthia Sass from says that there’s no need to be strict with calorie counting. However, there’s a need to emphasize that we have to look into the ingredients first, not the numbers outside the box. Most of her clients find it hard to determine which food is healthy, and which ones aren’t. They get surprised when she turns down the product they thought was a healthy choice.

How do we find out if the purchase is good or not? Sass keeps it simple. She tells her clients these three basic guidelines when it comes to nutrition. It starts with looking at the ingredients, identifying the food category, and customizing your meal portions. Find out how these three factors help her out:

How to Buy Healthy Food Without Looking at the Nutrition Label

Vegan? High-fat? Gluten-free? So many of my clients complain about how difficult it is to keep up with what’s healthy these days, especially when it comes to buying anything packaged. Most aren’t sure what to look out for on nutrition labels, and are often surprised when I give the thumbs-down to a product they thought was a smart purchase. Read more…

Shape Magazine author Marnie Soman Schwartz says that calorie counting is a good idea when you want to check the nutrition content of a certain food package. This is one way to start since it gives you an idea about the calorie content. Aside from that, it gives you awareness about the calorie density of the food you’re about to eat. This actually helps you maintain your weight.

However, what the author wants to emphasize is that calories are just part of the label. It doesn’t actually tell you the story that comes with the other nutrients. One example is that calories alone won’t tell you the nutrient content of the entire package. Another fact is that it doesn’t tell you if there are some ingredients that would take a toll on your blood sugar. To make it simple for you, try to check this information in the label before making the purchase.

What Matters Most on a Nutrition Label (Besides Calories)

If you’re anything like us, the first place your eyes go when you flip over a food package to check out the nutrition facts is the calories. That’s a good thing—keeping a general tab on how many cals you’re taking in, and having an idea how calorically dense a food is, can help you maintain your weight (research actually shows it may help keep you slim). But calories don’t tell the whole story. They don’t tell you how your blood sugar will react to the food, how long what you’re eating will keep you full, or how many valuable nutrients are inside that package. Plus, calorie counts aren’t always accurate—in fact, what’s listed on your food label could be off by 25 percent! So look beyond ’em to these other pieces of vital information. Read more…

We’ve got another tip from how to choose the healthy food from the grocery store aisle. The labels are shown together with the “all natural” and “immunity boosting” signs all over the place. What’s a good shopper to do? We don’t always have to believe all these claims. We just need to be more knowledgeable about the good kind of food.

We can find ways how to get really picky in the supermarket. Let’s follow these 11 tips how to choose the healthy food. 

11 Ways to Pick Out Healthy Food

It’s a common ploy. You walk down the grocery store aisle and are bombarded with “all natural” and “immunity boosting” claims on boxes, bags, and bottles. With so many enthusiastic labels shouting out to you, how can you tell which packaged foods are healthy and which ones are nutritional nightmares? Read more…

Check this video from Buzzfeed Blue about the simple ways how to be healthier:



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