The Discovery Of Liquid Aspirin May Help Treat Cancer


 This, after scientists found a way in getting medication to the brain in the form of a liquid aspirin for conditions like brain cancer or tumours.

Liquid aspirin can break through the blood brain barrier

 What doctors previously thought was a very complicated process may now be artificially done the easier and natural way. For a very long time, doctors have been at loggerheads in breaking through the blood-brain barrier which has been very effective in protecting the brain that it even blocks essential medicine from entering the brain.

Researchers from the Brain Tumor Research Center of Excellence at the University of Portsmouth together with Innovative Pharmaceuticals, claim that they were able to reformulate a liquid aspirin that increases the ability of drugs or medicines to cross the blood brain barrier.

Resilience of the blood-brain barrier

 While the scientists admit having difficulty at first in treating elderly patients especially those undergoing treatment for brain cancer due to its highly selective permeability. The barrier, which separates blood from the brain fluid and allows only certain molecules in a tight controlled manner like gasses, water , amino acids, glucose and lipid-soluble molecules.

“This is a potential game-changer for research into brain tumours and clearly shows what sustainable research is able to achieve,” says Sue Farrington Smith, Chief Executive of the charity Brain Tumour Research. “It is science like this that will enable us to eventually find a cure for this devastating disease, which kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer.”

The revolutionary drug called IPI867B, is a reformulated aspirin combined with 2 other ingredients, as tests have shown that introducing this drug variant successfully improves the body’s transport system to carry much-needed drugs to the brain.


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