The Basic Laws of Burning Fat


The increasing rise for going healthy and losing weight in our society today results to numerous formulation of laws of burning fat. Though we can’t exclude the fact that not all humans were made the same, resulting to various conclusions to every fat burning tips they encountered and tried.

But in actuality, only a small handful of them are generally effective. In an article in Muscle and Fitness, Chris Aceto and Jim Stoppani, Ph.D did their research and combined their knowledge on uncovering the basic laws of burning fat:


No question about it, burning fat is a 24/7 endeavor. To keep the fires hot, you need to eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Not only that, but you must choose the right foods in the right amounts to keep your metabolism revved up so your six-pack will be ready for its close-up. The way we see it, there are 12 fundamentals – laws, if you will – that are all you need to shed that unwanted blubber from your midsection and elsewhere. Most of them are nutrition-driven, but training comes into play as well. Your mass-gaining phase is over for the time being; now it’s time to get lean. These 12 laws of fat-burning will help get you there. Read more…

Food and exercise is tightly associated when it comes to burning fat. Without regular exercise and healthy balanced diet to go with your will to trim down your body, then you better accept the reality that your fat is there to stay forever. Just take for example “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt. He went into a complete transformation from chubby buddy to hunky Star Lord in this article shared by Christopher Hunt:

How Chris Pratt Dropped 60 Pounds in Six Months

“Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work.”

That’s how Chris Pratt, our July/August cover guy and star of the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy, ditched 60 pounds in six months. Pratt, who is most known for playing Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, was in the neighborhood of 300 pounds when he auditioned for the Marvel movie scheduled to release August 1.

Later, Pratt, who turns 35 on Saturday, sent ripples through Hollywood when he posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram last year, showing off a chiseled frame and six-pack abs with a caption that read: “Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchy to post this but my brother made me.” Pratt’s brother helped him land the lead role of Star-Lord with that photo. Read more…

Burning fat in your body takes a lot of time, effort and discipline. I know how cozy that bed feels in the morning or how that cheeseburger and fries taste really good but in order to lose fat in your body, you must start moving around and cook your own healthy meal.

To help you on your journey to burning your fats away, Tanya Zuckerbrot created a very simple plan to trim down all those unwanted bulges in figure:


We know it’s cold outside, but that padding around your midsection doesn’t count as layering.

If you ended the holiday season with a profile that slightly resembles Santa, don’t sweat it. You can get back on track—and start stripping away fat—with this easy-to-follow meal plan.

With an effective combo of high-fiber and protein, this 4-week plan will help you lose fat, boost your metabolism and set you up to build muscle—all without the annoying hunger or weird cravings that tend to accompany a calorie cutback. Read more…

The laws of burning fat doesn’t have to be complicated. When reduced to its basic sense, it makes it easier to follow and effective to anyone who are inspiring to losing all those unwanted extras in their body. As long as you regularly exercise, eat proper diet and maintain an active lifestyle, your aspired body will not no longer stay in your dreams anymore. 


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