Killer Strength Routines To Try


It’s not rocket science that strengthening your body can make your daily activities way easier. You can see it in the way you open doors, carry your bags, walk, run, and so much more. But news flash – the benefits don’t end there.

From boosting your power to burning calories and promoting healthy weight, strength training is really an essential part of a workout routine.

So if you’re not yet engaging in this type of workout, here are the top five killer strength routines to try, listed by Melissa Zimmerman on Fitness Republic:


Strength training is an important part of any fitness routine. It can be easy to get stuck in a workout rut, performing the same exercises over and over until boredom or plateaus sneak in. If you find yourself returning to the same machines at the gym, it’s time to add some new moves to your routine. You’ll beat boredom, build new muscles and get closer to your overall fitness goals. Ready to try something new? Do these five strength exercises – they’ll take your workout to the next level. Read more…

You don’t necessarily need to incorporate all these into one workout. You can just pick one or two for one day, and then a different set the next day, and so on. You may also want to start with lower reps or intensity, and then raise these as your fitness level increases. This will allow your body to grow more.

Additionally, personal trainer Grant Lofthouse shares some tips to double your gains or make sure that you are gaining, on Muscle and Fitness:


We all want muscle! After all, that’s why we’re here, and there is no shame in that! However, you should hang your head in shame if you don’t have some sort of strength behind that muscle! Read more…

Lastly, learn about IFBB Pro Dave Henry‘s workout in this article written by Anita Nikolich on Flex:

Strength and Fortitude

David Henry is called the Giant Killer for a very good reason. Recently, Henry decided he needed a change in his training. He’d always followed the nutrition advice of Dr. Scott Stevenson, whom he trusted implicitly. For years Henry had also been the most successful poster child for the mysterious DC (Doggcrapp) style of training, famously putting on 30 pounds of muscle in three short years. Read more…

Strength training also comes with a better body weight, as such exercises burn annoying fat deposits. It will also tone muscles, promote bone health, boost stamina, and reduce your risk of diseases. One great advantage for older adults is that it boosts your metabolism by up to 15 percent, so you can avoid the decline as you get older.

With or without equipment, there are lots of exercises that will increase your strength like never before. Consider using dumbbells and barbells – they have passed the test of time.

So what are you waiting for? Try these killer strength routines for a hassle-free life!


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