A Guide to a Killer Biceps Routine


You’re probably here because you’re sick and tired of wearing oversized shirts just to hide your fatty arms in your sleeves. The thing is, you can actually turn that fat into something that will make you fit and sexy.

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Men’s Health recommends these exercises that will surely sculpt your muscles:

The 23 Best Biceps Exercises

Who doesn’t love to work their guns? No one, that’s who. (Except the guys on Facebook that’ll say training your biceps is stupid.)

The fact is, muscular arms make you look fit. And since you can expose them almost anywhere, anytime, they’re like a built-in publicist for all the hard work you do in the gym. (They’re also one of The Muscles She Loves More Than a Six-Pack.) Read more…

Whether it’s with dumbbells, cable crossovers, cable row, or pulleys, biceps exercises work better with equipment. But you can also do the traditional no-equipment exercises like push ups.

Additionally, you can boost your workouts with these tips to a killer biceps routine on Muscle and Fitness:


These tips and tweaks will have your guns growing again in no time. Read more…

And lastly, if you want to try a kickass biceps workout, Olympia Showdown Champion Flex Lewis has just the perfect routine for you:

Flex Lewis’ Killer Biceps Routine


I heard that you have a killer biceps routine with the EZ-curl bar. Can you explain it?


I know what you’re talking about, and I can’t take credit—my trainer Neil Hill invented that one. It isn’t meant to be a solo exercise but part of a Y3K training biceps routine. Read more…

You may want to start with easy and light workouts before you transition to a killer biceps routine. Just gradually increase the reps and intensity as your body adapts.

A healthy diet plays a role in this, too, so always eat nutrient-rich foods and not the processed ones. Avoid alcohol and cigarette as they can mess with your goals.

And a final word: Don’t rush things! You’ll see the results you want eventually!


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