Is Coffee Harmless or Harmful?


Just last week, a study justified the positive effects of coffee. It was called a “life-saver” as it helps reduce your risk of heart diseases, diabetes and dementia. It can also improve your overall athletic performance as it provides you with an instant boost in energy.

But seems like some researchers still doubt it. This latest report from Peter Whoriskey of Washington Post says that coffee can be harmless or harmful, depending on your body’s reaction to it:

Is coffee harmless or harmful to your health? It may depend on the person

WASHINGTON – When an expert federal panel concluded earlier this year that drinking five cups of coffee a day can be part of a “healthy lifestyle,” even hinting that coffee is good for you, the announcement prompted a glut of headlines extolling the national habit. Read more…

So there, just like any food you consume, coffee can be harmless or harmful too. It makes sense since some people are having palpitations after just a cup, while some are perfectly fine.

What you can do is to observe your body’s reaction, and know your limits. If you feel like it’s doing more harm than good, then better quit it. If not, you can have up to five cups a day. Just be sure it’s the pure one, not the processed with added sugar and other harmful additives.

You may also want to avoid drinking it, or other caffeinated drink at night, unless you’re pulling an all-nighter.

Image Credit: Is coffee harmless or harmful to your health? It may depend on the person – National Post


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