Improve Your Conditioning with the Deadlift


Most lifters are not keen in doing deadlifts, either because they are scared of doing them, too lazy to do it, or they don’t see the significance of it, but the deadlift is actually one of the best lifts that a lifter must regularly include in his exercise routine. Not only does it help in increasing mass and improving strength of all major muscle groups, the deadlift is a great exercise to improve your conditioning since it builds core stability and targets vital muscles responsible for correct posture like the back and the hamstrings.

And as we all know, a strong core and proper posture are key factors to maximizing the results of any other exercise routines that you will do. However, just like any exercise routine, a deadlift can give you optimum results only if performed correctly.

So, how can we make sure that we are properly doing the deadlift? What are the things that we need to consider and remember when we do this routine?

Let’s start with this article by
Chad Waterbury
on T-Nation. This shows us how to properly do the deadlift, with some slight variety added.

Tip: Try the Deadlift Walk

Improve your conditioning and test your mettle with this unique exercise. Here’s how to do it. Read more…

Now that we know how to properly do a deadlift, we need to understand the importance of including this exercise in our routine. Mike Roussell shares some lessons he learned regarding the benefits of the deadlift in this article from T-Nation.

15 Lessons From Deadlifting 500 Pounds

Last December I spent a weekend with my friend and master strength coach, Joe Dowdell of Peak Performance, NYC. Naturally, I asked him for a new program, and he immediately pulled out a strength program that included only one workout.

I asked where the sheets for the other workouts were. He said that was it – just one workout.

Seven exercises (three of which could be considered accessory), repeated three days a week for a month.

I wasn’t buying it. “That won’t work,” I said.

Joe politely informed me that I was wrong, so I decided to put him and his program to the test and see if minimal-type training could get me strong.
Read more…

Can you see yourself in Mike Roussell’s shoes when he was first introduced to the program? Just like him, many lifters think that a fancy workout routine with a lot of variety is the key to getting optimum strength and built.

However, after his program, he saw incredible results and realized that an effective fitness program is all about targeting the correct muscles and performing the exercises regularly despite lack of variety. Let’s now read an article from Elite FTS about tips we need to follow when doing the deadlift.

14 Deadlift Tips And Tricks

1. Starting with the Hips Too Low

This is the king of all mistakes I see. Too many times lifters try to squat the weight up rather than pull the weight. Think back to the number of times that you’ve seen a big deadlift and thought to yourself how much more the lifter could’ve pulled if he didn’t damn near stiff-leg it? I see it all the time. Someone will say, “Did you see his deadlift?” Then the other guy will comment, “Yeah, and he stiff-legged the thing.” Am I telling you to stiff-leg your deadlifts? No, not at all. Read more…

A deadlift may look like a simple exercise that has no substantial effect in our body, but with these articles, we learned the significance of including a deadlift in our regular exercise routine. You can add a little variety to the deadlift to make it more challenging, but make sure that you are not losing your form when you do it since proper execution of the exercise is a lot more important than variety.

With all the benefits that we can get from it, the deadlift is indeed the perfect exercise that you can do to improve your conditioning and work out major muscle groups at the same time.


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