Why Is Vitamin B Important for Fit Men


The Importance Of Vitamin B cannot be neglected if you want to increase your health and fitness in the long run. Vitamin B12 deficiency is responsible for many conditions such as cognitive decline, depression, schizophrenia, and possibly autism which was revealed in a recent study. If you are in your twenties or thirties, you may probably not worry too much about your vitamin intake. This is quite OK. In fact, if you don’t feel any negative side effects, you have nothing to be concerned about at all. But vitamin B12 is essential for good health. It is considered one of the most dangerous and silent deficiencies out there. B12 is vital for dopamine stimulation which is a pleasure producing hormone in your brain. This hormone is crucial for combating depression as well as boosting your mood. It can also stave off cardiovascular disease, keep your nerves and blood cells healthy. and prevent neurocognitive disorders. There is a study published in the Journal Plus One which states that vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to neuropsychiatric disorders like schizophrenia and autism.

In this study, the researchers observed the brains of more than sixty-odd deceased men and women between the ages of 19-weeks to 80-years. They also included 12 young individuals with autism and 9 middle-aged individuals with schizophrenia in this study. The results showed that the older individuals contained the lowest levels of B12 in their brains compared to the youngest members of the group. Their B12 levels were exactly 10-times lower.

The most interesting thing was, young people with autism and middle-aged individuals with schizophrenia had only one-third of the required vitamin b12 levels compared to healthy individuals of the same ages. The individuals who had autism and were under 10-years old had similar levels of B12 similar to the levels found in a 57-year old adult. The individuals with schizophrenia between the ages of 36-49 years had similar levels of vitamin B12 to those found in a 72-year old person. This was reported in Science Line recently. Although it is not 100% clear what these low levels imply, it is clear that vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to the brain’s inability to establish important neural connections between regions of the brain. This is why the importance of vitamin B cannot be underestimated in any way.

The daily dosage of vitamin B12 depends on the age of the individual. You can start by adding certain food items to your diets such as fresh meat, fish, and dairy foods. Vegetarians can meet their vitamin B12 needs through the consumption of fortified breakfast cereals. Also, fermented beans and vegetables are a good source of B12. It is best that you talk to your doctor to learn the importance of vitamin B and ask for alternative options of vitamin B12.


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