How Your Smartphone Can Improve Your Health


Mobile phones are very important in our day-to-day lives. In fact, as of October last year, 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and 7 percent of them are “smartphone-dependent.”

We use it for texting, calling, even having access to the online world instantly. The endless apps to choose from are very useful for our productivity, too, and now even for leading a healthier lifestyle.

See how your smartphone can improve your health in this report from Jennifer Jolly on The New York Times:

Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Your Health

A doctor friend once told me the best thing I could do for my health was to turn off my cellphone. But that was before smartphone makers began building health and safety features into their phones. Here are five healthful tricks your phone can do. Read more…

How your smartphone can improve your health really depends on your usage. Just a few weeks ago we found out that we should limit our exposure to mobile phones, especially the kids, as they emit radiation that causes cancers. But when used moderately, of course, they offer a lot of benefits.

Other uses of smartphones include being updated with online news, taking videos and photos, and more.

Image Credit: Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Your Health – The New York Times



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