How to Strengthen Quads Effectively


Strengthening your quads is essential – well, who would want to have a massive body with weak quads and legs?! It just doesn’t seem right. Compared to your lower abs, a squad workout is much easier to do because you can easily target those muscles with a few exercises like squats, lunges, among other leg exercises.

How to strengthen quads? Learn a few exercises from the expert strength coach Lee Boyce on Men’s Journal:

7 Ways to Strengthen your Quads

These days, you hear a lot about being “quad dominant.”  There’s good reason for it, too: Our compulsive focus on training the muscles we see in the mirror, poor form in movements like a squat, and our desk jockey culture all add up to quads that are typically tight and overused. But too often the knee-jerk reaction is to avoid training the quads altogether, and simply focus on the butt and hamstrings to re-create body balance. That dismisses the idea that tight muscles can still be weak. Instead of ignoring the quads, use proper training and stretching techniques to improve their muscle quality, and set the stage for strong, balanced, healthy legs. Here are the top exercises to do just that. Read more…

These are just some exercises that focus on strengthening your quads. If you are looking for a workout routine, Muscle and Fitness has prepared one for you:


When leg day rolls around, is it better to train more like a bodybuilder or an athlete? If you’re asking yourself this question (meaning you’re undecided), perhaps the answer is both. Bodybuilders train their quads for maximal hypertrophy, while football and basketball players are more interested in developing explosive power to enhance speed and jumping ability.

For a typical gym rat who’s neither a competitive bodybuilder nor a serious athlete, the best bet may just be a leg workout that incorporates mass-building principles as well as a quick dose of explosive movements. The following workout offers just that. It addresses power through box jumps; hypertrophy via front squats in a moderate rep range and drop sets of hack squats; and, for good measure, a hefty workload for your stabilizing muscle fibers with unbalanced lunges. Frankly, it’s a great routine for the guy who wants to look good from the waist down at the pool this summer and also have the ability to engage in the occasional pick-up game without getting embarrassed. Read more…

You might have noticed that there’s one type of exercise that is always mentioned when talking about how to strengthen quads. This exercise has so many benefits, and it does not only target your quads, but also your abs, back, and even your entire body. It also enhances your balance and burns more fats than most exercises.

So what’s this magical exercise? Squats! Here are some tips to develop your squats workout from Stephen E. Alway, Ph.D. on Muscular Development:


Machine front squats are exceedingly brutal, but the pain is worth effort. Do them properly and consistently and your quads will grow. Read more…

Squats may be one of the most effective ways on how to strengthen quads, but take note that you also need to incorporate a variety of leg exercises to your workouts. You may also have to increase your reps each time your body gets used to the intensity.

Remember, with or without the use of equipment, your quad workouts will only be effective if you are actually able to target those muscles, so make sure you are doing your exercises correctly.


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