How to Lose a Beer Belly Effectively


Beer is good. Or at least everyone thinks so.

Although we all know beer bloats up our tummies big time, you just can’t ditch it! Just think of a relaxing Friday night when your friends call you up to have a few drinks. Some people even drink beer as part of their daily routine.

Then time makes you notice that unwanted fat around your used-to-be abs – that’s when you realize you are desperate enough to know how to lose a beer belly.

Fortunately, there are awesome hacks on the web on how to lose a beer belly, all thanks to Justin Grinnell, owner of State of Fitness and writer for Muscle and Fitness:


With barbecue season in full swing, and tailgating parties coming fast, the beer will be flowing freely. This may be fun in the short-term but in the long-term it will wreak havoc on your physique. If you have enjoyed yourself too much this summer and have accumulated a beer belly, use these 6 tips to get your gut back on track. Read more…

When you ask people on how to lose a beer belly, (of course they wouldn’t say stop drinking beer!) they would often suggest one thing: Exercise. It’s because you need to torch those fats in your tummy to let your abs pop out once again!

But what are the most effective moves? Here are the top 10 exercises suggested on Eat This! by seven athletic personal trainers:


The best way to get rid of your beer belly: Stop drinking beer. If you say, “Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen,” that’s understandable. (And you don’t necessarily have to, if you opt for one of the Best Light Beers in America).

The second best way to get rid of your beer belly: Lower your body fat so your abs can emerge to greet the day. But you know that already. We’re all about finding the best ways to burn fat and stay lean with a smart diet that avoids deprivation. Likewise, there are better ways to shred your midsection than spending hours on the treadmill or doing basic crunches.

We asked 7 top personal trainers — spanning the worlds of cycling, CrossFit, yoga and beyond — for their favorite exercises that’ll give anyone a head start on whittling their middle. Here are 16 of their recommendations. Read more…

These exercises may be hard, but your body will eventually adjust to them. You may also just pick a few of those 16 movements and you are good for the day. For instance, you can mix hardcore exercises with light exercises for your daily exercise workout.

Alternatively, if you want a shorter and easier workout, here’s a video on Daily Motion that only takes 7 minutes of your day!

7 Minutes Flat Stomach Exercise  Lose Stubborn Belly Fat & Get Flat Abs

Pretty easy, right?

Now, how to lose a beer belly effectively?

Yes, exercise. But take note that it still depends on your body’s metabolism, since foods play a great role in this situation. Some people have faster metabolisms (and thankfully there’s a way to boost that!) that make it easier for them to lose those unwanted fats.

Self discipline is also important! You can minimize your beer or any alcohol consumption and opt for healthier drinks. If you are really desperate enough to get that head-turning abs back, you will find it easier to control yourself.

One simple tip: try to cut back on your beer consumption, and if you fail to do so, add extra sets of exercises to your daily workout. For instance, if you drink five bottles of beer instead of just three, you can add 50 or more push-ups to your next exercise. It’s like your punishment, in a good way!


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