How to Improve Your Mobility


Mobility is a very important factor for one’s athletic performance, or even just for your day-to-day workload. It’s the ability to move your joint or limb voluntarily in a full range of motion without any restriction.

You always need to try to improve your mobility to do your activities with ease. Most importantly, if you almost do nothing but sit at your workplace all day.

There are a lot of benefits, but let’s first establish the differences between mobility, stability and flexibility. Here’s a very informational article on Fix:

Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability

People most often talk about joints in relation to pain. Generally, we focus on one joint at a time. However, it’s important to think of all the bones, muscle, and connective tissue around each joint as an integrated system that relies on the health of other joints. Ankle joints connect to the knee joints. Knee joints connect to the hip joints. In other words, if a single joint does not work properly, the joints above and below it can be affected. Read more…


So flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or a series of joints that is attainable, stability is about steadiness. You may think that flexibility and mobility are the same – but don’t be confused! You can be flexible even without strength, coordination and balance. That said, you can have great flexibility, but not enough mobility and stability.

If you’re having a headache understanding these three… Well, they’re all important to have!

Moving on, here are five yoga ways to improve your lower body by yoga instructor Kaisa Kapanen on Do You Yoga:

5 Yoga Poses for Those With Limited Lower Body Mobility

Full mobility is something we often take for granted when we have it. If, however, you are experiencing limited lower body mobility, it does not mean that yoga is out of the question for you. Read more…

Lastly, personal trainer Jeremey DuVall shares some tips and exercises on The Daily Burn:

The 7 Best Mobility Exercises You Haven’t Tried Yet

Years ago, having “flexibility” meant you did a few toe touches pre- and post-workout to loosen up. Now, in search of better flexibility, you’re likely to stumble across dozens of different yoga classes, tons of new tools like bands and foam rollers, and a confusing assortment of stretches and guidelines that all seem a bit conflicting. Read more…

In conclusion, the parts you have to exercise in order to improve your mobility are your hips, ankles and back. You may use these moves as a warm up, a post-workout recovery, or a workout alone. Just be careful not to crack your spine when working your back!

Even though it is rarely discussed, never underestimate the power of mobility. It holds the key to help you avoid stiff joints, back pain, muscle soreness and other injuries.


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