How To Gain Muscle Fast With Proteins And Carbs


To how to gain muscle fast you need to understand the basic of muscle development, as well as the mechanics of mass growth, health and recovery

How to gain muscle fast with proteins and carbohydrates

Proteins play a key role in building and maintaining a healthy body. Having protein for every meal is essential to keeping it the body in tip top shape, even helps protect from diseases.

But carbohydrates also play a key role in muscle development, which is often neglected and unfortunately earned a negative reputation and associated more with weight gain rather than muscle building.

In fact, carbohydrates play a key role in muscle development, as long as you know which ones are necessary and the ones to avoid.

What are proteins?

You may have heard of protein and what role it plays in our daily lives, but are you aware about how protein works in the body, where it is sourced and how it makes up the human body?

Protein takes a critical and essential role in maintaining and building a healthy body, growing muscle mass and bones. Two of the most common protein products in the body are the hair and fingernails.

The proteins that we put into our bodies are the dietary proteins that we source from food and most of the beneficial proteins that our bodies need are those from vegetables and meats that we consume.

The building blocks of protein are called amino acids and considered as necessary nutrients present in every cell and are precursors to nucleic acids, hormones, co-enzymes, immune response, repair and other molecules essential for life.

Proteins comprise the outer membrane of all cells in the body and act to strengthen all the organ and tissue structures in the body.

It also helps maintain the body’s immune system by strengthening the immune response as a major component of antibodies that destroy harmful bacteria or viruses in the body. People who have less proteins in their bodies are often more susceptible to sickness and diseases, as well as having difficulty recovering from illnesses compared to people who have a high protein diet.

How about carbohydrates?

The type of carbohydrates that you eat is crucial to muscle development and the key is knowing what to eat and how much you need to consume.

To aid muscle development, you need to have carbohydrates in your diet. Just as long as you eat the right types and the right mounts, you can hasten muscle growth and build big muscles fast.

Eat complex carbohydrates. The ones that you needs are those found in rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain cereal and oatmeal. It should make up the bulk of your daily calorie intake to form muscle glycogen and fuel your body as you train.

Take carbohydrates immediately after training. Your blood sugar drops when you train which emphasizes the need for your body to take on carbohydrates to provide your body the insulin it needs to normalize blood sugar levels.

Eat little amounts of carbohydrates often. Just maintaining little portions of carbs often keeps your insulin levels in check to regulate your blood sugar levels. Eating too much in one sitting may only cause you to store more fat, so make sure to just have the right amounts.

Choose high fiber carbs. Fiber helps build muscle as it makes the muscle tissue absorb amino acids faster.

Avoid sugar. These include fruits, which contain fructose which is a simple sugar that converts to glycogen. However, the muscles can only have so much and the excess glycogen just gets converted to fat and stored in the body.

Eat balanced meals. Combine your carbs and proteins together during meals to minimize carbs getting stored as fat. Since protein takes a while to process in the body, it increases metabolism, thus allow the carbs to transport nutrients from protein to the muscle cells.


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