How to Build More Lower Body Strength


It’s so easy to forget to work your lower body out when the cold season is here. No one would see your legs for quite a while anyway, so why bother? Actually, your unwanted fat deposits still show up in skinny jeans and leggings. There’s more to that, too.

The secret to a no-sweat day-to-day activities is to build more lower body strength. It’s because most of your moves requires your lower part, from walking, running, jogging, standing, and well, basically everything. It’s as important as your upper body, which is why we always remind you to never skip leg day!

Here’s a to-do list of the moves you may want to try, using different gym equipment, on Elite Daily:

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You may have noticed that out of these 15 moves, five of them are squats. Squats are undoubtedly good for you because they burn more fat, enhance stability, boost metabolism, and tone your upper body. Plus, they boost your overall athletic performance – they magically help you jump higher or run faster!

Another round of exercises is compiled by Matt Staff, but this time without using anything, on Fitness Republic:

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One last tip, if you want to gain twice as much, follow this workout recommended by Men’s Health fitness director B.J. Gaddour:

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To sum it up, among the moves that build more lower body strength are squats, lunges and leg lifts. These exercises benefit your body beyond strengthening your legs. They can also tone your core and butt, and reduce your risk of injuries.

Never attempt to overtrain as it may lead to further injuries and muscular pain. Remember, your goals don’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort, one step at a time. But don’t wait until it’s the bikini or short shorts season for you to start working your legs again! Start with shorter reps and lower intensities, then gradually increase everything.


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