Healthy Habits In Your 20s That You Need To Establish


What you do right now will cause a ripple effect in your whole life, no matter how small or big this decision is. This is why you need to establish healthy habits in your 20s, or even as early as that, to put yourself in the right path for the rest of your life.

Your overall well-being is one of the things you need to invest in. A healthy mind and body can make you productive and energetic in all you do, so it’s definitely a must to start and develop your diet and exercise.

Check out this article written by Tara Parker-Pope on The New York Times about the 8 health habits you need to have in your 20s, according to experts:

The 8 Health Habits Experts Say You Need in Your 20s

If you had just one piece of health advice for people in their 20s, what would it be?

That’s the question we posed to a number of experts in nutrition, obesity, cardiology and other health disciplines. While most 20-year-olds don’t worry much about their health, studies show the lifestyle and health decisions we make during our third decade of life have a dramatic effect on how well we age. Read more…

These habits are actually pretty easy to start, because they do not require any special or costly treatment. In fact, they can even help you to not only keep you in shape, but also to save money.

Read more about how the habits in your 20s can affect your life, in this article by Emil Sarmiento on Itech Post:

Health Habits to Establish While You’re In Your 20s

Youth is a gift. With youth comes vitality, prime, and potential. It’s easy to understand why the youth of today can take advantage of their natural gifts and lead a promising life. Read more…

For more life-changing tips, read this very informational article written by Yu Han on Business Insider, about the advices from experts on how you can live your life in your 20s to increase your probability to become a millionaire by the age of 30:

9 things to do in your 20s to become a millionaire by 30

In a free-market economy, anyone can make as much money as they want,” emphasizes self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, who has also studied over 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people. Read more…

So as early as now, establish the habits in your 20s that will lead you to the road of success. It doesn’t really matter if you’re already in your 30s, or whatever old you are. It’s never too late to take a leap and do that major lifestyle overhaul that you need to achieve your dreams.

Remember that the little things do matter, and a simple decision now can change you. Why not try these simple advices from the experts to make that positive change happen? They’re not a gamble, so trying these tips out won’t really hurt you. Good luck!


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