The Surprising Health Benefits of Gaming 


Most people want to be healthy. Most people also utilize relatively similar methods to become healthy or to maintain their well-being. For example, they may eat better, consuming more fresh fruit, or they may start to go to the gym, performing cardio exercise and resistance training to firm their body. Likewise, they may start to practice mindfulness meditation. However, what most people will not do is take up a hobby that a lot of research now says it’s very good for you: Gaming.

Gaming can be good for you in two main ways: I can improve your physical health, and it can give your brain a workout. gaming has been shown to increase grey matter in the areas of your brain associated with certain tasks, for example motor skills, long-term planning, and memory. This is particularly true if you play certain genres of games, as platform games in particular have been shown to improve memory. As well as this, gaming it’s been shown to reduce the speed of cognitive decline in the elderly, and thus it may have important applications in the field of elderly care.

Gaming is Not Only Good for your Brain

Gaming can also improve physiological health. One particularly exciting trend in gaming is exergaming, in which one plays the game through movement, and one’s body acts as a controller. The Nintendo Wii and games such as Wii fit were pioneers in this area, and this could potentially improve the health of whole societies, particularly as we tend to live more sedentary lifestyles than only a few decades ago.

So, though it is not yet well known, gaming can actually have a part to play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What’s amazing is that the above benefits are merely the tip of the iceberg, with research ongoing in the way gaming can benefit pain management, eye health, and a multitude of other things.

To find out more, see the infographic below from our partners at Computer Planet.


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