The Health Benefits Of Black Garlic


Health benefits of black garlic are truly fascinating, considering that it is an aged and fermented regular garlic that is starting to gain a good reputation as a flavour- enhancing ingredient.

Health benefits of black garlic better than regular garlic

Yes, that’s right. Experts believe that the black garlic contains more nutritional values than regular garlic.

But what exactly is black garlic? It is nothing more than the regular garlic that you commonly know it to be. It originated in Korea years back where heads of garlic are being aged until the cloves turn black and begin to develop a smooth and lardy texture akin to roasted garlic.

They allow the garlic bulbs to sit in a storehouse with a constant low humid temperature that causes a chemical reaction that breaks down its amino acids and sugar to develop that umami-packed flavour of the garlic.

Garlic benefits

The benefits of taking garlic is truly amazing, from that simple unassuming bulb, you get a lot of good health benefits that you can seldom find from any other food items that you commonly find in your kitchen or pantry.

Science has been able to prove through numerous studies that garlic contains a lot of substances that yield positive effects for the human body for more than 150 different diseases. This is due to its high concentration of powerpacked phytonutriens that nature has naturally gifted it with.

Garlic is a good anti-inflammatory agent, which has also been found to fight off 14 different types of cancer, as well as helps boost the cardiovascular system.

Some cultures around the world believe in the healing effects of garlic, which they ingest raw as for those who are suffering from high blood pressure as it quickly helps lower it.

Black garlic, on the other hand, has twice the amount of phytonutrients and antioxidants as a result of the curing process, which makes it more potent in its health-promoting properties.

Natural antibiotic

Only recently, researchers have found a substance in garlic and more in black garlic, of an antibiotic called allicin, which has been found to be highly effective in fighting off superbugs, or bacteria that has evolved its resistance to common forms of antibiotics.

It may look small and unassuming, but garlic and black garlic should never be underestimated.


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