Hardcore Winter Cyclists Growing in Numbers


The season is just getting stronger that everyone else cannot survive going out without at least three layers of clothing. Some hate it, while some actually enjoy the cold weather.

Who loves the cold? Well, there is such thing as hardcore winter cyclists, and they’re even growing in number! Read more in this report by Katrina Clarke on The Star:

Winter cyclists say more are joining their club

David Shellnutt is a hardcore winter cyclist but even he has his limits — after a 10 cm snowfall last winter, he grudgingly decided to take the streetcar to work. Then he walked to King St. W. and saw a streetcar lineup 40-people-deep. He went back to his apartment, strapped on his ski helmet and prepared to do battle with Mother Nature. Read more…

You could say that in order to be a certified hardcore winter cyclist, you have to be brave and prepared enough to face the cold. It’s fun because you’ll feel like a child ice skating. It can be dangerous, too, so make sure that you have all that you need before you go out and ride your bicycle.

As said in the article, you have to plan your route. Don’t assume anything, as a huge block of snow can be just around the corner. Consider reroutes when that happens.

Image Credit: Winter cyclists say more are joining their club – The Star


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