Winter Sports: Hardcore Skiing Workout Tips


Men’s Fitness author Michael Rodio shares his discoveries when he talked to Bode Miller, Olympic gold medalist. If you want to be number one when ski season starts, you have to find a more holistic routine other than squats and deadlifts.

You’ll want a routine that’s going to increase your muscle endurance and leg strength. Miller spills his workout routine for skiing. It requires almost no equipment but it’s really going to make your legs work.

Bode Miller’s Hardcore Skiing Workout

Get strong enough for any slalom with the Olympic gold medalist’s plan to build muscle endurance, leg strength, and a rock-solid core. Read more…

Here, Miller details his go-to skiing workout routine. Other than a slack line or physio ball and a stationary bike, it requires almost no equipment—but it’ll train your legs for serious high performance on the slopes.

Lucy Macdonald from The Telegraph explains that preparation is quite important to make your performance better. Not only that but it also makes your body ready to tackle strains and aching joints. Doing simple exercises will remedy that and it may prevent certain injuries.

Strength and power are essential so you may have to do some quads and glutes training. This involves lunges, split squats, deep squats, and cycling. Check out the details below: 

Ski Fitness: How To Get Fit For The Slopes

Injuries are common on the slopes – not least because skiing uses completely different muscle groups to other more conventional types of cardiovascular exercise. Read more…’s Kathy Smith tells us about her full-body workout plan to kick start your ski season. This is a great workout plan in helping individuals become stronger and injury-free during the season.

First, we need to identify and take note of the importance of the muscles used in the activity. Wesley Arnett, Personal Trainer at Viking Power Fitness in Denver explains that the main and primary muscles take the hit. The precautionary measure that you can do is to get the secondary muscles well-trained to prevent injury.

Work your calves, thighs, quads, hamstrings and glutes to increase your performance level.

Get Fit for Ski Season: 6-Week Workout Plan Pt. 1

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Get ready to grind! This 30-Minute Ski Conditioning Workout from the Fitness Blender will focus on your strength and cardio training.


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