Get Yourself Pumped Up: Hardcore Full Body Routines


Ali Eaves from Men’s Health tells us about the “man-maker” exercise. From the sound of it, it even makes you think about hard-core routines all combined into one workout. It’s definitely going to be difficult. Not like a walk in the park. Check out this combination: pushup with a barbell clean and press, two multi-joint movements. Sounds fun?

Let’s see you put these together. This is bound to work your body from head to toe. The best effect: it’s going to burn your calories like hell. 

This Exercise Isn’t Called the ‘Man Maker’ For Nothing

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Nick Nilsson from Muscle and Fitness shares this crazy workout plan for the mad gym rat. This is a good approach if you want to grow those muscles and if you want to develop your strength for this full-body activity.

First, you have to find out if the training that you want to is effective for your body. Applying it is the next step and it can make a big difference to your fitness goals. A steady progress is an achievement.

The Mad Scientist Workout Plan

Watch any high-level bodybuilder or well-muscled guy and you know it’s true: You have to be a little crazy to get that big. But self-sacrifice, a badass attitude, and an ironclad constitution in the gym aren’t always enough to guarantee dramatic gains. Read more…

The Muscle and Strength Team put together these five serious full body workouts. You don’t even need steroids. All you need to do to show some improvement is to follow the training workout as detailed below. 

This is just an old school kind of training. These routines were the most effective back in the day. If you’re a bodybuilder, don’t turn your back. It’s a serious exercise. You might think it’s not the best one for you right now but you’ll never know until you perform a few of these.   

Forget Steroids: 5 Full Body Workouts For Serious Gains

Long before steroids, men were using full body routines to carve out massive and strong natural physiques. This article presents 5 effective workouts!

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Get your body ready for this routine from ATHLEAN-X™. This is a 70 Rep Full Body Workout!


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