Growing List of Countries Banning GMO


Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are living organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been altered artificially. Food companies that embrace this technology assure that it’s safe, even offers crop protection, increased yield, and lower market price. Even the World Health Organization supports it, ensuring that the products are safe for human consumption.

However, a lot of developed countries are against it, including Australia, Japan, and most European countries. And recently, Italy and Austria joined this growing list of countries banning GMO. Read more in this article by J.D. Heyes on Natural News:

Italy and Austria join growing list of countries banning GMO agriculture

(NaturalNews) European nations are leading the world in rejecting genetically modified organisms in food and crops, with two more countries recently joining the list: Italy and Austria.

As reported by Nation of Change, Italian ministries have opted to utilize the newly created European Union rules that permit member countries to opt out of growing GM crops. Austrian officials joined in as well, with both nations making the decision to stop growing eight varieties of GM maize, which essentially amounted to a complete ban on GM crops. Read more…

When will the US add to the growing list of countries banning GMO? Right now, it seems impossible. US citizens have been taking actions to at least have food companies label their GMO products, and unfortunately, the anti-GMO labeling bill (also called the DARK – Deny Americans the Right to Know – Act by opponents) has been approved just this July. This new law will generally keep citizens from knowing if a product is GMO or not.

GMOs are in 80 percent of processed foods. If you want to avoid such products, buy those that have the “organic,” “100 percent organic,” or “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal.

Image Credit: Italy and Austria join growing list of countries banning GMO agriculture – Natural News 


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