Great Muscle Building Foods You Can Try


It is a common fact that your diet plays a major role on the transformation of your body. For example, if you want to gain more muscle, of course you have to focus your diet on great muscle building foods. But if you are into losing weight, your diet is more into low-calorie foods.

To aspiring bodybuilders, study shows that changing your diet into something wholesome promotes faster and more effective results compared to by just doing the workout alone. To help you choose the right food in promoting muscle building, Melissa Mohabir compiled a list of common food that can surprisingly help you in your aspiration:


We all know that what you eat can either make or break your fitness goals. By providing your body with the raw nutrients it needs, you can ensure that your muscles are getting fed correctly in order to grow. Every bodybuilder knows the usual “bodybuilding foods” like the back of their hand—chicken breast, salmon, eggs… and the list goes on. However, there is an array of unconventional food options that fit-minded individuals can benefit from. Here is a list of 8 unexpected exercise foods that can help you build muscle and stay fit. Read more…

There are also some bodybuilders who prefer non-meat non-dairy diet, commonly known as vegan diet. Vegan is a type of vegetarian diet that only consumes plant-based food. Furthermore, vegans do not use other animal products and by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, and soaps derived from animal products. If you are planning to switch on vegan diet, Julie D. Andrew and the rest of Men’s Fitness Editor created a list of muscle-building plant-based foods for you to start on including in your diet:

The 8 Best Muscle-Building Foods For Vegans and Vegetarians

You can still maintain strong bones as a vegan or vegetarian and gain muscle. What’s key, says Leslie Bonci, RD, LDN, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is packing in calcium-rich dairy subs while following this simple formula for successful muscle protein synthesis: Weight training plus adequate protein—that is, getting enough protein and spreading intake throughout the day. Read more…

Sticking to a specific diet is one of the many challenges that an aspiring bodybuilder faces. To make the adjustment easier for any bodybuilders on their changing their diet for good, Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD devise a simple meal and workput plan that you can follow:


Before jumping into the good stuff, like meal plans and recipes, you’ll need to get schooled in calorie expenditure. We’ll keep it quick—promise.

To gain one pound of muscle, you need to take in 2,500 extra calories over the course of a week. Add these calories to what you burn on an average day. If you’re not entirely sure of that number,’s caloric needs calculator can spit out an estimate based on your basil metabolic rate (BMR), or how many calories you expend by simply being alive, along with your activity level, body fat percentage, and protein needs. From there, add approximately 360 calories a day in order to gain a little over a pound of muscle mass per week. Read more…

The key to an effective diet modification is by knowing the nutrients and calories that your body needs. Despite of eating a lot of great muscle building foods, if you do not meet your body’s daily nutritional requirement, then everything is for nothing. So the next time you drop by the supermarket, make sure to include all the nutritious food you need in order to gain muscle or lose weight.


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