Get a Six-Pack with These Superset Workouts


Making your abs pop up like knots can be quite a challenge as the fat in that area is stubborn and hard to remove. However, you can achieve just that by doing supersets, or pairing two exercises together to target different muscle groups and achieve maximum results. If you want to get those ab muscles up to the surface, then try these effective superset workouts fat torching moves if you can.

Certified strength and conditioning coach BJ Gaddour shares some of his superset workouts fat loss tips in his column for Men’s Health. If you are serious about achieving those six-pack abs, you may want to check what his superset tips.

3 Superset Workouts That Will Melt Away the Fat Covering Your Abs

You’ve probably done supersets before. A superset is when you pair together two exercises, and do them back-to-back with little to no rest. They’re typically classified as competitive or non-competitive. Read more…

Male fashion, grooming, and health expert Alpha M reveals his own superset workouts fat loss routines in his website. He promises his workout is designed to destroy the fat and get your abs popping hard and proud.

Badass Abs Superset | Abdominal Workout

This superset is going to destroy them! Your abs will be so sore when you’re done. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says all you need is your body / abs, a bench, and a 5 pound dumbbell. Read more…

If you are looking for superset workouts fat killer moves, you can also check fitness guru Brendan Meyers. In his video below, Meyers demonstrate his extreme superset that will get you that six pack in no time.

Working your abs is a serious challenge as the area poses some great deal of difficulty. Whether you are working with superset workouts fat blasting routines or traditional ab workouts, the key is that you train smart, follow a plan, and adapt if the situation calls for it.


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