Foods That Help Boost Your Metabolism


For athletes and generally those who want to shed a few pounds, it’s important to have a healthy metabolism. It’s because your metabolism is your body’s natural way to burn fats and calories. That being said, having a slow-mo metabolism can mess up your entire weight loss goals.

Good thing that there are foods that help boost your metabolism! All thanks to their fiber, protein, healthy fats and other antioxidants that all promote a healthy gut. They also provide you with extra energy, which is a plus for a hard workout at the gym.

Here are some foods that boost your metabolism on Fitness Republic:

Foods to Eat to Boost Your Metabolism

Did you know the food you eat speaks a secret language to every cell in your body? It might seem like the most absurd statement you’ve heard this year, but it’s true well not literally. But your food does tell your body what to do with its fat stores. Every kind of food you take into your body coaxes the appropriate cells to release hormones, which are chemical signals that decide exactly whether the body goes into a storage mode or whether it switches to fat burning mode. Certain foods direct the body to ramp up your metabolism, and trigger hormones that encourage the body to release fat from the storage centers in the body. Make these fat busting foods staples in your diet, and you’re well on your way to being the fittest version of you. Read more…

What better way to enjoy these whole foods than to have spices to actually spice them up? Yes! Spices do not only add flavor to your meals, but also boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Registered dietitian Charlotte Martin suggests adding these spices for a better fat-loss potential on Muscle and Fitness


Eating right coupled with daily sweat-drenching workouts is a surefire way of making your metabolism run. But sprinkling a few spices to your muscle-building meals can give your metabolism a boost that it needs. Keep in mind, seasoning dishes is not a short cut to a speedy metabolism, but research has shown that incorporating specific compounds from spices can help increase your calorie-burning and fat-loss potential. Transform not only your food, but your body as well by incorporating these five spices. Read more…

Now aside from your food choices, there are other things that affect your metabolism. For instance, your physical activity also plays a great role in your body’s metabolic rate. Low physical activity can put your body into a rest mode, which directly affects your metabolism.

Personal trainer and wellness coach Susannah VanWinkle shares a few more tips to boost your metabolism naturally on Mind Body Green:

5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism (Without Really Trying)

We all know that eating and exercise habits are crucial in determining our weight and health, but there are many non-diet and gym-related changes we can make to significantly boost our weight loss efforts. Here are five simple, yet incredibly effective strategies that you can implement into your life. Read more…

See? It’s honestly that easy. A simple change in your lifestyle can change your body in ways that you can never imagine. Add foods that help boost your metabolism, avoid fast and processed foods, exercise every day (even a simple walk to the grocery store can be considered exercise!), drink at least 8 glasses of water, get enough sleep – there are so many ways!


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