Tips From Experts How To Fix Lagging Biceps


T-nation says that this is the ultimate way you can get bigger and stronger arms. In order to get bigger biceps, you have to enhance your ability to recruit and contract them. Focusing on getting them stronger makes it even more difficult to make them bigger.

Take note that going too heavy can turn the tension away from the muscles. Even practicing intense contraction of the target muscle is harder to execute when using heavy load.

Tip: Do This BEFORE You Curl

So when you’re trying to fix lagging biceps, the first thing to do is work on constant tension to maximize the mind-muscle connection. The time spent doing it will be an investment in all the future biceps training you’ll do.Read more…

Muscle and Strength came up with these essential ways how to improve your lagging side. Weak points, lagging body parts, and lopsided strength – Chad Shaw will help you out with these problems. He gives some solid advice how to fix these flaws.

When he was just starting his bodybuilding career, he admits to having trouble with his muscles. He still has weak points but he was able to make the right adjustments over the years.

Essential Ways To Balance Your Strong Side And Lagging Side

Let’s face it, we all have weak points on our physiques. If you don’t think that you do, then you either: A.) A delusional, narcissistic, egomaniac, like Mikey the Situation from the TV show Jersey Shore, or B) You happen to be one out of a billion people who was blessed with the phenomenal, but rare genetics of Flex Wheeler. Read more…

Looking great doesn’t come easy. You have to do something with your arms. It shouldn’t lag, but there are people who find it challenging to get these to grow. You can do something about this.

The main arm training tips should be centered on frequency, undulating intensity, and progression. These are often forgotten but people should keep in mind that these are essential for long term results. 

Lagging Arms? Here’s The Science For Massive Arm Growth

Undoubtedly, arms are a body part that cannot be lagging if you want to look your best. But some people just cannot seem to get them to grow. Read more…

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