Female Fitness Myths: Things You Should Be Aware Of


Muscle and Strength tells us about the six myths that stop women from being fit. Female fitness is surrounded with myths and it’s up to you how to sort it out. Research about the facts and debunk these beliefs that prevent you from getting a physical upgrade.

This is a great list to consult if you’re starting your own body goals. Take this as an example: women need to train differently than men. This is an age-old theory that men should lift heavy weights to bulk up and women need to do this to get a firm body. Thing is, this isn’t the case. See why!

6 Female Fitness Myths That Are Preventing You From Being Fit

In all honesty, when it comes to some of these fitness myths, men and women don’t think all that much differently. So, without further ado, let’s get to debunking some myths so you can accomplish all of your fitness goals! Read more…

Vixen Daily says that with all the information the Internet is throwing at you, it’s hard to identify the ones that are pure fact from pure fiction. It’s easier to get persuaded by “information” that’s already popular and trending. You’ll feel like it may be hopeless to find out about the truth.

With conflicting theories and studies and opinions, there has got to be a flaw in there somewhere. People reading all sorts of stuff and disseminate information right away without researching if it’s really the truth. That’s why here are the common beliefs that you should be wary of:

6 Common Female Fitness Myths Exposed

That’s why there are so many myths and misconceptions about fitness out there. People read something and parrot back exactly what they read, without actually checking to see if it’s true or not. Read more…

DrJohnRusin.com helps us further by looking into these five fitness beliefs that were debunked by science. But before that, here’s a quick introduction.

Men have long dominated the fitness industry but it appears that women are taking charge too! In this day and age, fitness is becoming more versatile and men aren’t the only ones who can do challenging exercises anymore.

Welcome, ladies! It’s time to pump up and build a strong physique that’s bound to turn heads in the gym.

Five Female Fitness Myths Debunked By Science

While men have traditionally dominated the global strength scene, the change is becoming blatantly clear; women are lifting, training and dominating the iron game more than every before. And no, it’s not just about toning up the muscles with pink dumbbells and yoga! Read more…

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