Expiration Dates on Your Food Mean Nothing


Most of us don’t like endings; but when they play a direct role in our digestive processes, that’s a different story altogether. Food items we have picked up from the grocery should therefore be examined to ascertain until when they are good for. But, in light of a recent finding, the effort may not even be worth it: expiration dates on your food mean nothing.

Expiration Dates on Your Food Mean Nothing

Sell by, best if used by, expires on, display until; the shelf life of food seems like it’s a well regulated, concrete affair, but it’s not: It differs by region and type of food. In the end, those labels mean almost nothing, which leads to both food waste and an assumption of safety. Read More…

Just because expiration dates on your food mean nothing does not mean you don’t have to care about freshness, though. Eating fresh food is still a wonder in a world of ready-made canned items, and it comes with plenty of benefits, too.

More nutrients. Fresh food contains more naturally-occurring nutrients not readily found in processed food. This is why vegetables and fruits are better bought from the market. Fresh turkey breast also contains less extra sodium or fat than turkey deli meat.

  • More enzymes. The enzymes in processed food are believed to have been removed to prolong its shelf life. In fresh food, however, enzymes are present to do what they ought to: assist with digestion.
  • More hydration. Dry food may not be altogether bad, but it is less appetizing than fresh, hydrated food. Plus, more hydration means more nutrition for your cells.
  • More servings. Frozen food generally has less portions of the food, compared to when you can just pick up the produce.

To be sure that you’re eating fresh, mind these suggestions:

Buy organic. No chemical additives, but quite pricey. If you don’t have the budget for it, opt for food that can be eaten unpeeled or those with thin skins.

Buy local. As much as possible, source your food from your area’s farmer’s market. This lessens the time it takes for the food to be transported, as well as the uncertainties involved in having food grown elsewhere.

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