Expert Tips to Make Your Biceps Grow


Hard and large biceps often tops our lists as to what muscles we want for ourselves. That said, it is quite hard to achieve bigger and stronger biceps as they are quite stubborn to train with. These expert tips to make your biceps grow from the professionals themselves will help you train your muscles and get bulking guns for you to flaunt.

Joe Wubben of Muscle and Performance revealed some tips to make your biceps grow, which include a lot of resting and serious, hard work when you train.

3 Tips To Make Your Biceps Grow

The calves may take top billing as the body’s most stubborn body part, but the biceps aren’t far behind. Seriously, when was the last time you experienced noticeable growth in your bi’s? Read more…

Adam Campbell has more to share in his column for Men’s Health. In his article, Campbell dishes out 25 tips to make your biceps grow.

25 Ways to Build Bigger Biceps

For decades, the dumbbell curl has been helping us build bigger biceps—but it also seems to have stripped us of our imagination. After all, how often do you try a new variation of this classic arm exercise? Read more…

If you are aiming massive biceps, then perhaps you may want to check out the Buff Dudes video below. They promises insane biceps growth with these tips! 

Increasing your biceps’ size and strength entails hard work and dedication. The advices and routines shared by the professionals in this article will certainly help you out, but to get massive guns, you need to strictly follow routines and meal plans. You may also benefit if you work with a professional fitness instructor.


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