Exercising Tips to Increase Strength by Targeting Your Brachialis


Most people tend to train their biceps more in contrast to the other muscle groups in their arms. It is because biceps are more visible than the others. In fact, a lot of individuals are not aware that you can increase strength by targeting your brachialis.

Charles Poliquin of Strength Sensei clears the air about this in his column, saying that there is a strong need to perform exercises that stimulate and activate the brachialis as wells as the other arm elbow flexor muscles.

Bigger Arms by Targeting the Brachialis

Although the biceps get all the spotlights, there are four major upper arm elbow flexor muscles: the biceps brachii, the brachialis, the brachioradialis and the teres pronator. Not only does the biceps get all the love, they also get most of the training stimuli. Read more…

One way to increase strength by focusing on this muscle is to perform slow hammer curls, as advocated by Christian Thibaudeau of T-Nation. The movements of the slow hammer curls not only strengthen your brachialis it is also a fast and easy way to increase arm thickness.

For Bigger Arms, Do Slow Hammer Curls

Most people train arms leaves the brachialis under-stimulated. People assume that training the brachialis is as simple as using a neutral/hammer grip. Not so. Read more…

The video below demonstrates how to perform the hammer curl which is definitely an effective way to increase strength by focusing on your brachialis. Check it out.

You definitely can increase strength this way, but there a lot of benefits that you get other than improved strength. For one, fully developed brachials make your arms bigger. Two, they help prevent muscle injuries in the arm region. Perform all the exercises and follow the tips mentioned above and you’re on your way to stronger and bigger brachialis.


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