Keep off the Extra Pounds with 3 Essential Foods for Fat Loss


Anyone who wants to be fit knows that whatever we put inside our mouth plays a huge role in the results. This is why so much effort is being put into finding out what we should have in our cupboards and fridge, and subsequently planning them into our meals. If you want to make sure that you have in your kitchen what you need, too, check out these essential foods for fat loss and better health.

True, the American Council on Exercise says that no food is an absolute fat shedder – but some of them can better help you fit into that old pair of jeans faster. These include:

3 Essential Foods for Fat Loss


Popeye’s favourite vegetable is so rich in nutrients but so low in calories, which makes it ideal for replacing high-calorie foods (such as half of the egg or cheese in your morning omelette). One cup of fresh spinach is said to only have 7 calories. Just make sure you buy it from an organic market.


Yes, there’s a reason this dip is so popular. A study in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences found that those who regularly eat hummus tend to have smaller waistlines and healthier diets. This is because this Middle Eastern specialty is packed with fibre and protein that will keep your belly feeling full longer, as well as slow-digesting carbs. Just don’t load up on it too much: two tablespoons are more than enough. When buying, also opt for the pre-made type with virgin olive oil.


Among the most essential foods for fat loss and improved health, cucumbers contain low calories – which makes it a perfect snack! One cup of it, for instance, only has 16 calories; an entire cucumber only has 45. Plus they have a lot of nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin C, as well as antioxidants.


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