Enhance Muscle Protein Synthesis Using These Pro Methods


T-Nation’s Rudy Mawer gives his ultimate tips how to enhance muscle building. One good example is taking BCAA in between meals. These are basic supplements for bodybuilders.

It’s backed by research and they have the potential to initiate the synthesis. At the same time, they reduce muscle breakdown and fatigue. Taking BCAA with a little amount of carbs between your daily meals can potentially increase your growth.

Tip: Enhance Muscle Protein Synthesis

Based on new research, using BCAA with a small amount of carbs between meals can keep you growing all day, every day.  Read more…

David Sandler tells us the benefits of the process. If you want to stay on top of your game, you’ll need to have a better understanding how muscle growth works. A lot of articles featured in the M and F website are related to this.

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re thinking about bulking up. In this article, the author explains what this phenomenon is all about in order to guide you in your training.

Muscle Protein Synthesis Gets You Bigger And Stronger

We tell you how a particular workout or nutrition timing can help to increase this muscle-making phenomenon and we’ll explain how certain supplements can help to maximize it. Read more…

Live Strong tells us that this process plays a part in guiding the growth of your muscles. When you comprehend how this process creates growth, that’s the time that you can even exceed your limit and reach your fitness goals. There’s really no easy formula for this. You can simply turn to basic knowledge first and understand how the magic happens. 

Take note of the principles in building as well as the considerations that you need to be aware of before putting your body under training.

Protein Synthesis in Muscle Growth

Resistance training is generally considered the best type of exercise to promote growth. When the muscle experiences small micro-tears, blood flow to the area increases, bringing with it the necessary components for repair through protein synthesis. In this specific case, the repaired muscle is then stronger and larger than it was before. Read more…

Check out this transfixing video from GSK for more information about the process:


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