A New Trend: The Elevation Training Mask


Muscle and Strength discusses the efficiency of this equipment. If you’ve been seeing people wearing this one while they run, you might already be curious. Elevation masks are becoming a trend but you know little about these. If you want to find out if this is worth your time and money, check this one out.

Now, this gets weird. It looks like people are trying the Hannibal Lecter look. But anyhow, this kind of tool is a way to initiate training at high altitude. This means that you’re in for some more benefits compared with sea level training. 

The level of elevation training can only be done in certain locations, that’s why it led to the creation of altitude masks which promotes, “bringing the mountains to you.” Take a closer look at the research and the potential benefits of this type of fitness tool.

Do Elevation Training Masks Actually Work?

Do elevation masks actually work? Find out if the popular fitness trend is backed by science & if they are worth the investment of your hard earned money! You’ve seen them around the gym; the people walking around dressed as Bane from Batman. Read more…

It’s bizarre-looking and you might notice people staring at you when you wear this at the gym. Let’s find out what happened to FEMAIL’s writer, Emily Hodgkin. She tried the mask when she executed some moves for the Skinny Rebel Workout.

She got firsthand experience – she discovered the outcome of the workout while using an elevation training mask. This kind of equipment promises you an improved fitness level through oxygen intake restriction. For Emily Hodgkin, it took a different turn.

She found that the workout got so intense: its aim is to get your heart pumping. It was harder than she expected, and it involved doing some moves that she hadn’t tried before. It included bunny hops, mountain climbers, rotating push up handles. With the tool, it proved to be difficult. 

The Hannibal Lecter Workout: We Test The Terrifying-Looking Mask That Promises To Improve Your Fitness By Restricting Your Oxygen Intake – With Embarrassing Results

You might get a few odd glances wearing this in the gym, but this bizarre-looking mask is the latest fitness tool promising to enhance your workout and help you to lose weight. The Elevation Training Mask is designed to provide resistance training for the lungs, increase breathing capacity and improve the body’s use of oxygen – by restricting the amount taken into the body during exercise. Read more…

There are things that you’ll need to consider especially if you’re getting older. You’ll need to be careful about how your body handles stress. There might be some who might argue with this line of thinking, but an aging body just can’t perform as much or as many intense sessions in a week compared with a younger one.

Breaking Muscle talks about aging and how training based on volume matters. The reason for this is pretty basic: when you’re older, you’ve got to rely on volume rather than intensity. Volume does the job.

Now, let’s add the training mask. This has some potential: it will prevent you from breathing easily, effectively slowing you down while lowering the stress on the body.  If you’re in it for fitness adaptation, you can get great results with less soreness using this equipment. For older adult athletes, increasing fitness can be achieved.

Training Masks: Ideal For 40+ Athletes, Bad For Altitude

In other words, if all I am seeking is the fitness adaptation and I’m not concerned about pace, then I can get the same result with less soreness from using the Training Mask. For older athletes looking to increase fitness, while moderating intensity, this tool has great potential. Read more…

Check out this video from Fox News: Can an elevation training mask boost your fitness?

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