Eating Your Way to Fabulous Hair


If you have been getting your hair trimmed every six weeks, avoiding heat-based styling tools and conditioning your hair with each wash, you may get depressed when it fails to grow any longer or healthier. The fact of the matter is that your hair woes may extend beyond the exterior. Yes, it is true that Scalp Med can help nearly anyone with hair growth issues see noticeable progress, but you can improve your health even more by improving how you eat. Since hair needs nutrients to grow, what better way to get longer hair than by eating clean and nutritionally sound foods?

What Your Hair Indicates About Your Diet

It may be easier for you to crack open a can of soda when you feel thirsty, but all that sugar is ending up somewhere. Even for people that don’t gain weight despite eating loads of junk food, signs of an unhealthy diet can manifest other ways. First, your skin will definitely not be blemish free, well hydrated or supple if you eat fried chicken and French fries on a daily basis. Your nails may also be short and brittle, and you can expect your hair to grow at a much slower rate. Your hair, skin and nails are going to bear the brunt of eating an unhealthy diet in addition to the risk of packing on additional pounds.

Making Small Changes to Your Diet for a Big Difference

Making a change as small as drinking more water can lead to your hair growing at an accelerated rate. By trading in your normal snack of potato chips for kale, you may notice shinier locks as a result. Some people also help to improve the health of their hair by going vegan or cutting out all fried foods, but all types of changes, small and large, will make your hair stronger. If you are using Scalp Med products, you can anticipate a big change in the way that your hair looks and grows.

Hair Vitamins and Supplements

Whether you apply them directly to your scalp or add them in with your smoothie, hair growth supplements that are ingested are also a big help. Eating foods that are rich in protein will help your hair to grow thicker. This, with hair vitamins, can produce positive changes when tried for a few months in a row. The good news about hair vitamins is that you can miss a dose here and there and not have your results compromised. So find the kind of hair vitamin that you can see yourself taking every day and make sure that you top them off with a big glass of water for proper digestion.

Amazing Hair Growth Foods

If you cut back on the foods that you know are not good for your health, you can in turn have healthier hair. Like other methods, eating your way to better looking hair is going to take time, but the results are irreversible so long as you continue to treat your body well. Start snacking on fruit instead of donuts and watch the wonder of nature make your hair thicker, fuller and easier to manage.


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