Eat For Lean Muscle Mass


The truth is most of us have wanted to be athletes at some point in our lives. Athletes have great control over their bodies and minds. Becoming an athlete isn’t easy, and it it was, then you can bet everyone would have a good shot at becoming one.

The good news is we all have an inner athlete within us, but in order to release it, you have to fuel your body and train it. Evidence-based recommendations for fueling are quite sparse, and this is especially the case for women. It’s no secret that sports nutrition has been known to be focused around makes, and some research have pointed out that around 1/3 of subjects in sports and exercise research are women. This has lead to the diet industry to market the message that less is more, and the message is often disguised as sports nutrition, and let’s not forget to mentioned that the diet industry has been known to market heavily towards women for many years.

The bottom line is that women need to eat for lean muscle mass to achieve their athletic goals. When people don’t get the right amount of fuel or the right type of fuel, then their goals could become even harder to accomplish. What’s worse, their health may be put at risk too. With that said, continue to read on to learn more about what can help you become your best.

1. Train And Eat For Lean Muscle Mass

Your calories can affect your ability to gain muscle. Also, you need to train with intensity in order to build lean muscle mass. You want your muscles to grow back stronger, and you do this by breaking down your muscles and challenging them, which you can do via training. The amount of carbohydrates you have in your body plays a huge role in how intense you can train because carbs provide you with the energy needed to exercise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or female, you need carbs. In fact, science has shown that diets that are dense with carbs can give people an edge in their workouts. If you train hard daily, then you need to provide your body with carbs that can help you build muscle.

When you eat for lean muscle mass, then you will have an increase in calorie expenditure, which comes in handy for training, but you can even benefit from it after you have trained. The harder you train translates to higher calories being burned via training, which also leads to the after-burn lasting longer. If you have enough fuel in you to train to failure on numerous exercises, then this effect may last 24-36 hours after you have trained.

Women should try to increase their food consumption around the time they exercise, such as before or after, or even during. This is a good way to eat for lean muscle because it allows the body to refuel itself, as well as recover and build muscle by absorbing carbs, and the skeletal muscle will have higher sensitivity to absorb those carbs. When you eat this way, and you take part in a high-intensity training program, then you will be able to train hard, build muscle and recover in an efficient way, and then you will be well on your way to building some solid muscle.

By now, you know that when you eat for lean muscle mass, then you need carbs. However, you also need fats and proteins, as they play a role in tissue growth, as well as recovery and repair. Carbs, proteins and fats play a role in helping you get the most from your training.

Some people believe that women burn fewer carbs than men during exercise, but they burn more fat. This may be the case when it comes to sub-maximal exercise, but it’s really not clear when it comes to maximal exercise. Women tend to burn carbs like men when they participate in activities such as lifting, high-intensity training and climbing hills. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that fats play a huge role in training, and this is why it’s important to consume the right types of fats, which can help you train with the utmost intensity.

When you want to eat for lean muscle mass, you need to consume protein. There are various protein sources, so you want to consume various foods that are packed with it. If you get protein from various sources, you will increase your chances of having a composition that is well-balanced.

Furthermore, our bodies tend to use protein efficiently when we consume it at 20-25 grams per serving. Your body needs a good amount of protein daily in order to build lean muscle mass. This is why you should consume 20-25 grams of it 4-5 times per day.

2. Make Food Work For You

Your results are affected by what you eat, how much you eat and food combinations you eat. When protein and carbs are combined, then you will maximize both nutrient’s function. For example, your insulin can be raised with protein beyond carbs alone, which heightens the body’s ability to transport carbs to cells in your muscles.

Furthermore, the transportation of amino acids to cells can be enhances via carbs, and this can lead to an increase in synthesis. Not only that, but your mood can be affected by the carbs/protein combo. Serotonin levels can raise, which can make you feel good, and you will likely be able to get better results from your training regime.

Animal fats are being looked at too, more specifically from various types of meats and dairy, as scientists want to determine whether they serve a role in health. However, the data is quite clear yet, so it is a good idea to get fats from plants and fish, as this will help you be your best, so if you want to eat for lean muscle mass, make sure you get fats from fish foods and plant-based foods. Furthermore, when you eat meals, consume small portions of fats, because you don’t want to feel too heavy when you train.


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