Diet Tips and Awesome Muscle Meals for Maximum Gains


In order to achieve an hour-glass body with really good muscles, you need to consume the right foods at the right time of the day. Eating too much, or eating too little doesn’t really help, not even starving yourself. These unhealthy habits will mess up with your metabolism, which in turn will make your body keep storing unwanted fat deposits. Exactly why you have to keep track of your nutrition.

As the title says, we’ve gathered some tips and awesome muscle meals to help you gain twice or even thrice as much as the normal.

Let’s start with this top six foods to eat that promote your body’s muscle-building capacity, as listed by biochemist and personal trainer Lauren Jacobsen on Fitness RX For Men:

6 Of The Best Muscle-Building Foods

Looking to put on a few extra pounds of muscle? What you do in the gym is most certainly going to help, but it’s only half of the solution. The foods you eat provide all the necessary nutrients needed to help facilitate muscle growth, muscle repair and aid in the delivery of nutrients needed for your muscles to function properly. A diet that is high in protein and provides a moderate amount of carbs and fats is a start, but if you’re not sure where to go from there, make sure you add these 6 muscle-building foods to your plan. Read more…

Well, we all know protein-rich foods are important to eat, but other nutrients, particularly fats and carbs, may have come off as a surprise for you. Fats and carbs have a bad reputation, but they’re really essential in your weight loss and muscle-building goals. You just have to make sure these nutrients come from the healthy food groups such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

You wouldn’t want to get them from pizza or whatever greasy food you have in mind, because those foods are actually the main wrecker in your diet.

As a reward, here are some easy, mouthwatering recipes to try on Men’s Health:

5 Awesome Muscle Meals

It’s simple. If you want to build your best body, you must eat. Eat with purpose. Eat with intelligence. Eat with the knowledge that food is the secret ingredient to total body transformation (not just “weight loss”). Men’s Health’s 101 Muscle Meals is designed to help you unlock this power—it’s an authoritative guide on what to eat, when to eat, and how your overall health will be better for it. Read more…

It doesn’t matter if you’re not fond of cooking, it’s a great thing to try! Cooking is way better than eating out as you are able to balance the nutrients, and make sure there are no harmful additives included in your meals.

Lastly, here are the common mistakes you have to avoid on Muscle and Strength:

Are You Guilty Of These 7 Muscle Building Diet Mistakes?

Keeping hard-earned muscle on your frame is tough enough, but the process of building new muscle takes your efforts to a whole new level. Your training can be spot on, you can be getting your required 8 hours of shut-eye per night (maybe more) and you can be taking all the right supplements for the best results possible. But if your diet is off, inadequate or just plain pathetic then you have a serious problem. Read more…

Aside from all these tips and awesome muscle meals, you also need to drink more water, be consistent with your training, and get enough sleep. Supplements also help, but don’t solely rely on them.

Don’t think that this guide aims to restrict you to the foods you want to eat. In fact, you may have your occasional cheat meals. They have been found to benefit your body when it comes to stabilizing weight, appetite and food consumption.

Still, the important thing to remember is to use food to help you achieve your body goals and keep you healthy and happy, not make you feel like you’re eating for the sake of not starving yourself to death.


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