Detox Foods for Winter to Add in Your Grocery List


With all the festivities over the past weeks, the majority of us are at the lowest points of our diets. Guilty? Well, it’s really hard to avoid loading up on cheat meals, especially the foods that have zero nutritional content.

Our body needs some detoxing to do to flush out all the unhealthy ingredients we’d consumed. And that’s the issue – it’s hard to consume more of these detox foods for winter.

So to start, here’s a guide laid out for you by registered dietitian Gloria Tsang on Health Castle:

Winter Nutrition Guide

When winter days are cold, and you want to warm up fast, a bowl of cream soup or stew can certainly be appealing. But there is no excuse to throw all your healthy eating habits out the window just because it’s dark and cold outside! Read more…

In addition to that, here are the foods to incorporate into your grocery list, as listed by Rida Bukhari on Fitness Republic:

15 Amazing Detox Foods For Winter

Considering doing detox this winter? It’s time for nourishment and restoration without starvation! Reset your body with these amazing winter detox foods, shed the extra pounds and rid your body of toxins. Read more…

You may have noticed that these are all plant foods – they are packed with vitamins and minerals that naturally reduce the inflammation in your body. You can use them in making soups, casseroles, teas, and other winter dishes that will also help heal your flu.

For more healthy tips, read this article written by Catherine Roberts on Active Beat:

10 Tips to Help you Stay Healthy This Winter

In just a few short weeks, winter will officially begin. But depending on where you live, the winter weather is already here and it may already be taking a toll on the healthy lifestyle you’ve worked hard for. Whether you typically eat too much comfort food and desserts, or exercise less (or not at all), winter can really hurt your health. This year, instead of sitting back and accepting the unhealthy changes in your life, make an early resolution to stay active, eat right, and in the process, help ward off seasonal depression. Sounds easy, right? Read more…

It may be hard to resist the temptation of holiday meals like rib roast, chocolate, candies, and cocktails, but I swear sooner or later you’ll regret that you overindulged at this time of the year.

But hey, it’s not a bad thing to at least keep your body clean and healthy by consuming more detox foods for winter. Plus, they will boost your metabolism, which in turn will help you avoid the unwanted weight gain.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day – at least 8 glasses, to be exact. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your body won’t suffer from dehydration. Consider a vitamin D supplement as well, since the sun is hardly shining these days.


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