Creative Cardio Tips To Maximize Fat Burning


Creative cardio tips can also help give these fat-burning routines to get the most effect and be able to give you right perspective about staying fit and healthy.

Creative cardio tips

Burning fat is a 24 hour process and goes non-stop, so it follows that doing the right activities and getting the right nutrients from food is crucial to ensuring that you burn more fat and ultimately help you lose weight.

Start with 4 to 6 sets of these 50 to 60-minute cardio sessions each week into your training schedule and you surely can get the best results.

Run on an empty stomach

You can start your day by running after getting out of bed. Fitness experts agree that the body will use up the fat as the initial energy source when glycogen stores are depleted. Just take 10 to 20 grams of when protein and stay away from carbs before you hit the tracks.

Take a breath of fresh air

If you live close to the coast, you might want to try running on sand to up the ante. You can also try to jog on grass if you are nowhere near the beach.

Taper off to a slow finish

Rather than start slow and gradually build up intensity, you may want to innovate by starting with a high intensity cardio and gradually slow down to burn more fat. Do your warm-up for 2 to 43 minutes then up your ante by getting into high gear for 15 to 20 minutes before slowing down for the last 10 to 20 minutes.

Rest for 90 seconds then repeat as needed.

Take it easy

Unless you are a seasoned and highly-experienced athletic machine, maintaining a highly intense pace for an extended period of time should not cross your mind. You can actually enhance your fat burn potential by doing it in intervals, meaning you alternate highly intense workouts with low-intensity sessions so you can recover.

Cardio before workout

You may also want to consider doing cardio activity 5 to 10 minutes before your lifting exercises. Not only will it help warm up the muscles for the main routines, it can also burn additional calories.

Cardio after workout

If you want to lose more weight and go lean, do cardio after weight training. Lifting spends your glycogen stores and once it runs out, the body relies on fat for fuel. This burns additional calories after the workout.

What is also important is for you to understand that nutrition and rest plays a crucial role to optimize your fitness goals.


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