Common Diet Traps to Avoid


Your diet should be picked very carefully. You just can’t ditch this and that just because you think it’s the right thing to do. Even the food groups that you think are only making you gain weight have their own benefits, too.

Take carbohydrates, for example. You think carbohydrates do nothing but increase your weight, and truth is, they help up your energy, improve your mood, boost your brain health, and many more.

Crossing out certain food groups in your diet will affect your gains, and not in the way you want to. So again, you have to be very careful. Registered dietitian Matthew Kadey listed some diet traps to avoid on Muscle and Fitness:


Just like training, healthy eating is much more complicated than knowing the basics. Sure, you probably realize by now that a deep-fried onion blossom is not exactly conducive to maintaining a rock-solid midsection. But what about all those lesser-known acts of food sabotage that could be creeping into your everyday eating habits? Some, like eating too fast, could seem rather benign at first, but in fact can be a big reason your physique is more doughy than chiseled. Read on for nine surprising—yet all-too-common—diet traps. Read more…

One thing you wouldn’t want to mess up with is Mr. Metabolism. When you have a slow metabolism, it’s more likely that unwanted fat will be stored in your body. You’re more likely to be constipated, too. In worst cases, high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure happen.

Be careful, and remember to avoid these mistakes on Body Rock:


As we age, our metabolism starts to slow. The average woman gains 1½ pounds a year during her adult life. That is enough to pack on 40-plus pounds by her 50s, if she doesn’t combat the roller coaster of hormones, muscle loss, and stress that conspire to slow her fat-burning engine. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Read more…

Lastly, just because you are “on a diet” doesn’t mean you are automatically going to shed a few pounds. Sometimes, you even gain more. Fitness RX For Men adds these common diet mistakes:

5 Dieting Mistakes That Lead to More Fat

Losing weight is already a hard and challenging task for so many people around the world, it takes dedication, time and consistency on anyone to reach their desired goals. With so much information out there coming from magazines, videos and particularly marketing fads we can easily get lost on what are efficient ways of losing that unwanted bodyfat and weight, even worst what if you believe that you are actually doing your body good but in reality you are just sabotaging your own results without knowing it? It happens! Many believe that their goals are one step closer every day but once they look in the mirror or check the scale nothing has changed, in fact, even worst they’ve actually gained more bodyfat and weight. So how’s that even possible? Read more…

These diet traps to avoid can be fixed by careful research. Know what’s really good and what’s not.

With all the research nowadays, it’s almost impossible to know which one tells the truth. So read very carefully. You can also consult to a fitness trainer or nutrition expert to be a hundred percent sure if you’re on the right track.


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